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I don't see a dedicated thread for this and I can't find any info on this, so I thought I would post this. Are there any plans now or in the future for Linux support for S&box?
Yeah, it would be good to have the server working on Linux.
I'd rather the game come sooner than have it be delayed for a version that will be used by the 1%
I don't think porting games to Linux in UE4 is that hard, it's a simple as clicking a check box when your exporting AFAIK. If they were writing the game from scratch that would be a different story. Linux has a 2.3% market share actually.
It's a positive feedback loop, and look at that were growing! Ha ha! ;-;
Well it's still a fledgling community for gaming. Linux is great in every way except for compatibility with things that have been on Windows for so long, and that is due to the fact that Linux hasn't been able to compete until now. You are pretty much right about the whole checking of the box in UE4. There's some adjustments that need to be made such as pathing. In Windows, they use \ for folders and Linux uses / for folders. Essentially, it's more upkeep for them. I believe they will actually make a Linux build as they eventually did with Rust, but, correct me if I'm wrong, Rust was made on Unity. Well of course it would be like that for the Steam stats. You only really put Steam on your computer if you plan to game on that machine, and a whole lot of people, even those who use Linux mainly, still boot into Windows and play all their games on Windows for support. Therefore, I don't believe the hardware report is entirely accurate for Linux at this point.
I don't think so, but it will be later.
It is certainly good, the main thing is that optimization should be acceptable.
Server wise, it would be great to run s&box servers on Linux. Gaming though... unless UE4 has OpenGL, idk would be pretty dodgy.
Wrong. UE4 supports Linux on its own. But S&box has LOADS of custom code which does not support Linux. It would take a fair amount of work to make it work. Something which would not happen until months after release if at all. I too would love Linux support. But its certainly not going to happen right away.
Actually, most of the code you'd write that isn't inherently cross-platform for a game tends to be low-level engine code, which UE4 already provides for you. So keeping the Linux and macOS support working isn't much work at all. The reason most AAA games don't have such support tends to be because they build on their old code when doing new projects, old code that more often than not tends to be written before platform abstraction libraries became common. Porting code away from direct platform access tends to be really tough, which is why it's nice that all major engines have those abstractions in place already so that you don't have to spend time and effort in such porting.
I'm a Linux user and obviously want this, but I wouldn't blame the devs if Linux support wasn't added immediately. I imagine it isn't that hard and will be done for the sake of it being done, there are a good few other UE4 games that support Linux.
Linux with some nice Vulkan would be great, plus server support.
LINUX SUPPORT https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1302/ce8ca10c-ed9b-420f-9d6f-6b7c40dd17eb/75fa5ba942d1ed749182425d14ea8401.png
Games don't support Linux because not many people use it. Not many people use it because games don't support it. We must break this cycle!
The servers probably should support Linux as that's what most people prefer to use, especially game hosts
You need a Linux version or atleast a Linux server because most servers run Linux and its usually better.
You don’t NEED a Linux server, I have a Windows server that runs things just fine personally. Though it sure would be nice to have one, it probably is not a priority based on what Laylad has said in the discord server. They are using .NET Core for the C# layer, so that definitely supports Linux, but who’s knows with the UE4 and any things that were added.
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