• The End of Ruin
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Here lies the end of Project Ruin. July 2017-April 2018
Was an awesome run. A lot of community support, more than I have ever seen dedicated to a developing Facepunch game. Really sad to see it discontinued, however there is hope for the future.
Fuck it! Im gonna learn to code and do it my self, god damn it!!!!!
I would learn code and help out as well but my stomach hurts so I need to go take a warm Gary now.
S&box is a self contained game. It doesn't need constant assets coming from the assets store and doesn't need any official servers when it gets released. Also I am sure that Garry is interested in having S&box succeed as he was part of the team behind it before he went off to work on Tubberino.
that sucks, I hope Garry comes to his senses and realizes this is something a lot of people would love. Ruin is the only reason I have an account here ;_;
"It's also easy to see that the game would fall into a lot of the same development pitfalls as Rust. Server DDOSing, cheating, hostile & toxic community - why would we want two of those? " Heh, called it.
I want my gold coin back!
The reality is, projects start and end like this in many companies behind closed doors. Facepunch is just transparent with us with nearly everything they do.
I understand it's a business decision. But claiming it will create the same toxic community, I think is not fair. If you were to simply create events (ala Chinook and Heli) but where by everyone works together to save the village from Ogres, Dragons, Undead etc. you would actually build bands of people working together. Simply try to reverse the loot hoarding mentality to one where everyone benefits from teamwork and you have a completely different game. Maybe there is never any way to GAIN anything from killing another player, or its such a small gain it's just not worth it I am sad, i thought the artwork was looking awesome, and I really looked forward to spending less time in RUST.
Just why???
Just gonna say, I think it was a terrible idea to abandon Ruin. Even if it was't the "right time" you guys could have just slowly grown a massive audience by slow roasting the development. I think the majority of the community can agree with me when I say we weren't expecting to play this game this year.. shit, I would have stayed active and excited for a year or two worth of development. I thought you guys had an amazing idea and it was exciting as all hell watching you guys post some new media every week or two.. or three. I'm still going to be active as all hell on Rust but damn... really wish you guys didn't get half your community stoked on this new project just to stab us in the back. You'll always be my favorite gaming company because of how well you guys communicate with the community but damn, I guess I just didn't see this coming. Thanks for all you hard work Facepunch crew. Edit: Had a great conversation with @Petur on discord and he gave me a bit of hope that the project may be reopened in the future. He said he can't promise anything and isn't pushing Garry right now but may if the opportunity presents itself in the future. Basically what I got from the conversation is that the developers are still extremely passionate and driven to work on the game but because Garry doesn't think it's a feasible decision, development will come to a halt.. but the fire isn't completely put out. Keep your fingers and toes crossed that all of us can change Garry's mind about Ruin. Hopefully I can chin you idiots with my staff on Ruin soon. : ^ )
This is fucking heartbreaking. Especially because it was something that I witnessed Petur pour a ton of time and effort into, only to see it shut down. I really hope they retry this in the future, but I understand Gary's decision... a moment of silence for all of our crushed dreams of a fantasy rust game.
Man I wanted this game to happen.
yeah, I'm still bummed. it really would've filled a nice niche for those who like the crafting/survival of Rust, but dislike the setting/environment.
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