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what now is tub ? deathmatch , speedrun or ?? I think is the right time to make Tub BR ;)
Great ! Everyone loves weapons ! A deformation of the skin when sliced or shot could be cool, instead of particles effects or bleed. I've seen in the commits that the team have implemented new controls for the plane, and I know that there's a car, could we see that ? The game looks already fun to play. We can see the Garry's touch, similar to GM in some elements of gameplay. Also a bit of craziness in the animations. I hope to try it in the next playtests ! Until there, see you next Friday. Have a nice week.
Sorry for the one month bump but I just came across this game. I saw that the weapons don't give any knockback, *if they would they could be used for speedrunning! It's just an idea I came up with, though I'd share it. *It's common sense that a pistol doesn't push you 3 meters back but imagine a shotgun that you shoot which launches you 5 meters back very fast, that would be good to use in speedruns for example. Didn't want to make an own thread for this since it seemed unnecessary.
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