• What features would you like to see in Sandbox's map editor?
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The question is simple, what features would you like in the Sandbox map editor? For brushes I would like a spline tool. I would like to be able to create curvy hallways.
There will be no brushes, since every object in the map editor will be a mesh, no need for any brush-specific tools. Would like to see a stair tool that support curving staircases (pretty sure this is already in)
Brush-like mesh then.
The map editor is an addon so if any features arent in the current version add it yourself.
Definitly dont want css textures in this game
The game will have it's own textures and models once released according to Layla - also importing stuff like CSS, HL2 and essentially any other games textures are easy according to Devblog 7
Sorry for the long wait. I don't have experience coding and am already working on models.
i would like to see better air Vehicle Physics
Which would be better if controllable guns are much easier to do
anything that's not hammer
Spline objects, like roads, train tracks, fences, etc.
That is a good one. I'm not kidding. Splining fences would and train tracks in the map would actually help a lot.
Pre-made entities, like a few models of trees, rocks, fences etc. as well as a few generic animal NPCs, vehicles, and other things that can be quickly added to a map to make it feel alive.
I've heard there's going to be assets specifically for the game when the game is released. But don't have any other info on plans regarding it such as how extensive it will be, or a specific theme or themes. Also, asset Importers for some game engines are planned to be available from the start, the Source engine is one of them (I asked and Layla said it'll go up to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive). Not sure if there's going to be animal NPCs but there should be at least be some ragdolls and I have some ideas for really basic NPCs that can stand around and die (imagine the cows in Resident Evil 4). It's not really good for anything but set dressing but it'll at least be that.
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