• Best way to get prepared for coding in sandbox?
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Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how I could start getting some early practice for if sandbox does release, I'm aware it's going to be C# we deal with when scripting, and I already have a small amount of prior experience with the language, but I'm looking for some ideas that could maybe simulate developing for sandbox or possibly some areas to brush up on such as classes etc... Any ideas are appreciated, Thanks.
Just start programming an easy project with C#. There is no better way to learn coding than to code.
You can find a simple gamemode example for the game here: GitHub although as per the latest devblog it's out of date as it now uses the new base gamemode but it should still give an idea of what kind of structure you are looking at. I'd have a look through there and see if you understand the structure and what things are doing, there isn't anything particularly complicated about it so if you don't understand anything at all in there you might want look into that. Other than that it never hurts to build on your fundamental understanding of the tools you have so just creating some small programs that help with boring tasks or are just interesting would give you an avenue of learning.
Thanks guys, that was exactly the kind of thing I was hoping to find Cush, will take a look, cheers!
Another great idea, thanks TheJjokerR.
Learn C# Learn Javascript Learn VueJS
I'll have to take a look at VueJS, I'm guessing C# would be serverside and Javascript would be for clientside graphics stuff like HUD's etc? Thanks for the suggestions.
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