• Will there be beta keys, as they were during Garry's mod 13?
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In 2012-13 year (I do not remember) on the website of gmod was the distribution of beta keys to those who had a license 10 . So, will they give the keys or will there be a closed beta test? And Yes, if the theme reached 10 gmod, will this version be returned to the service?
I do not understand what you are saying but I will do my best to answer. I assume you are talking about who will be able to beta test for S&Box and currently that is a small group of people on the S&Box discord (the beta is not even out yet, because the sandbox gamemode has to be completed) chosen by Laylad. Join the S&Box discord and you will see. I hope that answers your question.
Possibly. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/2445/085d5467-c5db-4aa5-9fe3-a411626ae2cc/possibly.PNG
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