• Cragghaw Castle
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Here's a picture of a map I am working on, right now I have a general layout planned and am working on the models. There's gonna be a lot of height variation, secret stuff and hopefully other fun things. I'll keep posting updates in this thread. (the art style isn't final, it might change along the way) http://fiffe.pl/blog/uploads/Tub_2018-07-07_13-26-26.png
Looking good! thanks for keeping the art style <3
Stylized low poly was always my favorite style Before I head off to sleep - here's two houses I've made: http://fiffe.pl/blog/uploads/Unity_2018-07-08_02-11-59.png (I've got to figure out how to bake lighting for LOD groups or just get rid of baked lights)
I finished two more buildings and started working on some props for market. The progress isn't really impressive because I've been wasting my time creating LODs for all the models and if I keep doing it - I'll never be able to finish the level so now I just create base mesh and custom collision for it. http://fiffe.pl/blog/uploads/2018-07-10_14-57-13.mp4 http://fiffe.pl/blog/uploads/Unity_2018-07-10_15-00-23.png http://fiffe.pl/blog/uploads/Unity_2018-07-10_15-00-48.png
Some more progress today, mostly props http://fiffe.pl/blog/uploads/Unity_2018-07-12_01-09-30.png http://fiffe.pl/blog/uploads/Tub_2018-07-12_01-08-51.png http://fiffe.pl/blog/uploads/Tub_2018-07-12_01-08-44.png http://fiffe.pl/blog/uploads/Tub_2018-07-12_01-08-37.png http://fiffe.pl/blog/uploads/Tub_2018-07-12_01-08-18.png
Looking sweet
I was annoyed by the amount of empty space around the initial spawn area so I made some quick background using already existing models which don't really tile well but it is not visible from far away. http://fiffe.pl/blog/uploads/2018-07-13_00-42-23.png http://fiffe.pl/blog/uploads/Unity_2018-07-13_00-44-02.png I also made that big wall and new tower - which are visible behind the market - this is basically how massive everything is gonna be and how tiny you should feel. http://fiffe.pl/blog/uploads/2018-07-13_00-43-18.png http://fiffe.pl/blog/uploads/Unity_2018-07-13_00-44-50.png Tommorow I will be working on actual platformer stuff so the level is finally gonna have some gameplay.
There weren't any updates in a while but I was working on the map nontheless. I finally got the first part of the map where there's some challenge, brace yourselves because there's lots of photos coming (lots of jump shots)! http://fiffe.pl/blog/uploads/Tub_2018-07-16_21-17-06.png http://fiffe.pl/blog/uploads/Tub_2018-07-16_21-13-29.png http://fiffe.pl/blog/uploads/Tub_2018-07-16_21-13-59.png http://fiffe.pl/blog/uploads/Tub_2018-07-16_21-14-49.png http://fiffe.pl/blog/uploads/Tub_2018-07-16_21-15-28.png http://fiffe.pl/blog/uploads/Tub_2018-07-16_21-16-31.png http://fiffe.pl/blog/uploads/Tub_2018-07-16_21-18-23.png http://fiffe.pl/blog/uploads/Tub_2018-07-16_21-19-41.png http://fiffe.pl/blog/uploads/Tub_2018-07-16_21-23-51.png http://fiffe.pl/blog/uploads/Tub_2018-07-16_21-24-18.png http://fiffe.pl/blog/uploads/Tub_2018-07-16_21-24-26.png http://fiffe.pl/blog/uploads/Tub_2018-07-16_21-24-48.png http://fiffe.pl/blog/uploads/Tub_2018-07-16_21-25-47.png
Long time no updates! For the past few days I have been working on new stages for this level - it was meant to be bigger but as Tlean pointed out in Discord - I should scope it down a little bit or I am never going to finish it. I agree with this and I did indeed scope it down a lot - and there's few reasons for this. The game is not finished yet, jump height might change, crouch height might change, proportions might change, literally everything might change and if it does I have to go over every model in my level and tweak it to fit the changes. If the level is as big as I wanted it to be in the first place it will take tons of time to do so. Big maps might also bore people a little bit, so I will just break it down into smaller levels that can be played one after another to create some kind of story. At this moment the level is only missing the last stage which is already planned and I'm working on it. Soon the base layout will be finished and playable, for now you can enjoy some screenshots, again - watch out for your bandwith 'cause there's a lot of them. (sorry for any grammar mistakes, too tired to english ) http://fiffe.pl/blog/uploads/Tub_2018-07-22_21-44-23.jpg http://fiffe.pl/blog/uploads/Tub_2018-07-22_21-45-53.jpg http://fiffe.pl/blog/uploads/Tub_2018-07-22_21-44-59.jpg http://fiffe.pl/blog/uploads/Tub_2018-07-22_21-46-26.jpg http://fiffe.pl/blog/uploads/Tub_2018-07-22_21-44-41.jpg http://fiffe.pl/blog/uploads/Tub_2018-07-22_21-47-05.jpg http://fiffe.pl/blog/uploads/Tub_2018-07-22_21-45-32.jpg http://fiffe.pl/blog/uploads/Tub_2018-07-22_21-48-13.jpg http://fiffe.pl/blog/uploads/Tub_2018-07-22_21-48-38.jpg http://fiffe.pl/blog/uploads/Tub_2018-07-22_21-48-59.jpg
The map has been released, you can play it by logging to your Steam account on your browser and visiting this link (it says there's an error, but really there isn't): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1455479859 Right now the map is really hard due to the checkpoints not working as they would in classic platformer games but hey that should give you some sense of achievement if you somehow complete it http://fiffe.pl/blog/uploads/2018-07-28_17-50-04.mp4
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