• Limitations of UE4
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I've been keeping up with the progress of sandbox and I have to say I think it looks amazing so far, you can see the potential in every video and I can't wait for it to become a thing (If it does), now we've seen posts about how UE4 has so many advantages over source, but my question is, do you think there will be any limitations from using UE4 over the source engine Gmod 13 is using. Looking at it, it really seems like there would be no reason to use source apart from maybe the way physics are handled? But I'm sure it could closely be replicated in UE4 and if not be made better than before, what does everyone think?
I think that comparing source and UE4 is dumb. UE4 is astronomically better in every way possible.
Fair enough, that's what I was saying it looked like, aside from I suppose lua being a very straightforward language it doesn't seem like there is any reason that UE4 wouldn't be used.
I mean Lua is very simple. You have to jump though hoops to do more complicated stuff and you end up with a mess of code which buggs out. Thats why you load a few poorly coded addons to gmod and your fps flies away in a shitsicopter and takes a quick trip to crash land.
Good point, I have to say it seems like it's going to be miles ahead of anything we could have expected before and I'm really looking forward to seeing all of it come together.
The only real downside of UE4 for this project is non-deterministic physics. Everything else is better.
That's pretty good to know, I'm glad that it only seems to be positive outcomes from swapping to unreal engine so far.
I guess the only other downside might be performance on older machines. Gmod running on source was about as lightweight as it get, even the potatoes could run it. I really wouldn't know for certain without testing it since there isn't enough information yet. But i'd assume that Gmod2 on UE4 is going to be a fair bit heavier, even on the lowest settings.
I reckon so too, from the videos we've been shown it looks a lot nicer than the current gmod, and I'm sure once you start loading more detailed maps it would definitely hit a bit harder.
S&box isnt a game engine it's a game. The limits of the engine won't change anything about the game itself.
Actually I totally disagree. It's more like a game engine than a game. Each game mode is pretty much a completely different game in and of its self.
I agree with Surasonic, to say that the limits of a game engine will not affect the game is simply not true, for example take Fallout 4, because of the engine it uses some physics elements are tied to FPS, so if you actually unlock the FPS the game itself will speed up, animations, etc...
Nvidia PhysX. It's built in UE4 and it makes non-glitchy physics. But, it's not FLEX, only PHYSX.
This is exactly what Garry has so far said it is not. S&box as far as we know it is more of a wrapper for developing games the UE4 engine.
hmmm the age of the engine? ue4 is younger than source and i dont mean the whole unreal engine, i only mean ue4
roblox has the most broken physics in the gaming industry You are behind the times, friend. Roblox physics are glorious as heck. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=da9qa8fvLz0
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