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This is just a post to appreciate the tech demo we've been given. So far i've make the classic breakfloor map for fun. Unfortunately due to the basic state of this game I can't make it into a server since people can just cheat with spec mode and there is no real way to make rounds yet or have the map reset each round. But its a tech demo, I didn't expect anything more. The voxel system seems really intuitive and easy to use. The ability to drag diagonals is awesome. I wish there was a way to bulk delete though, an autoclicker seems to be the most efficient way to clear areas of the map so far. This has me really looking forward to when S&box finally becomes available.
Fortnite and roblox?
No, the S&box demo pinned in the Discord. Actual S&box.
Fortblox has nothing to do with s&box, it's a game I made 5 years ago.
Ah okay, I've been seeing misinformation then. I was told that it was a S&box tech demo. And the game seemed similar to the development videos with the camera tilt, bopping and voxels so I assumed you just compiled a demo. Thanks for correcting me.
Why play Fortblox in Fortblox when you can play Fortblox in Gmod? http://tmp.bz/hcdeomPly7.png http://tmp.bz/hdQL06Lj9Y.png For real though, was the default Fortblox map generated from a BSP or some other polygonal map somehow? I'm bigly interested in that kind of thing for my own dumbass project.
It's a voxelized bsp map from dod:s
Flat map would be appreciated
Then make one. Its literally just opening the map editor. Throwing down a plane, tiling a grass texture and saving it. Takes maybe 30 seconds.
Map editor? Fortblox has a map editor?
Oh right this is a thread about Fortblox. I just clicked the notification and assumed this was about S&box.
Fortblox map files are gzip deflate, that's all I've managed to figure out about them. As a side note there's an in-game command `map_save name` to save any changes you made to the map
Looks like S&box has it's own version of Minecraft.
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