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Hello, Sandbox Team! I have some suggestions coming here. 1: Being able to host LAN servers 2: Being able to modify the graphics, possibly changing the shading style (Realistic shading, Cel shading, etc) 3: Being able to publish items to the community (workshop) in-game, without using third party software 4: Maybe using Nvidia PhysX FleX? It could add even more possiblities like ripping flags, real time simulated water and all! 5: Of course, having an addon creator! 6: Adding some funny built in entities such as explosive lemons, etc 7: More variety of default maps 8: Connection with other UE4 games (Fortnite, PUBG, etc)
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Don't you think that Sandbox has nothing to do with these games? Sandbox is a sandbox game and not battle royale. Just because they use the same engine doesn't mean that it would be easy to "connect" with them.
Sandbox is a remake of GMOD. GMOD has a battle royale mode. And also, i didn't mean to make it like use the same code or anything, just use the same models, maps, etc..
Garry's Mod battle royale gamemode was made from the community. So if you want to have this gamemode then you have to code it yourself, ask someone or just wait till someone has made it. Sandbox is a game where the community makes most of the stuff. Just like in Garry's Mod.
I did not say that i want a battle royale mode. I said using the CONTENT of a game, like GMOD does, for TF2, HL2, etc.
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Can you also add minecraft please, also I've been real into No Man's Sky lately put some of that in. Man I can't wait to make sex poses on my procedurally generated planet
Thats a standard features in 99% of games. I highly doubt there won't be. S&box is completely customizable therefore can be changed in any way you want. This game will most likely employ the use of the steam workshop. Thats probably not something which will appear right away, and you really don't need the Nvidia stuff to do it. What would be the point of an addon creator? Just learn to code. All that would do is spam the game with half broken low quality crap. This is facepunch we are talking about. Since when hasn't there been those kinds of things in their games. I expect there will be less than gmod. This game although much better is much more like a framework. It will be very community based. Loads of custom maps and gamemodes. Thats not going to happen.
GMOD dosent use a built in publishing to workshop thing. The Nvidia thing is this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-x9B_4qBAkk An addon creator would make people able to make addons without learning to code and without using third party software that dont work. And i don't know how to code either. S&box is COMPLETELY customizable? Are you some beta tester or something? Coding is really complicated, and most of the time needs asking for help, and most of the time people just ban you off their discord for asking for help.
What I know what Nvidia Physx is... Then learn to code, of course its complicated. Thats not an excuse. There is a million videos on youtube on learning basic code for free. Making an addon is not that hard. An addon maker would be a TERRIBLE idea.
Learning how to code is simple, just go on Google and type "how to program in C#" and watch the tutorials roll in. Layla even made an example addon that you can view on the Facepunch GitHub.
Actually, I would really like custom shader support, but as far as I know that requires extensive modifications to UE4's source.
I make tons of maps, but uploading them on the workshop is IMPOSSIBLE with the freaking 3rd party software that people make to upload to the workshop. "Coding is easier than you think" -Udemy "no its not, i get lots of compiling errors" -99% of programmers
Okay you clearly have no idea what you are talking about anymore.
Yeah, you can make a custom material (in the editor), but you can't make custom shading models without modifying engine code.
I know what i'm talking about. :facepalm:
Dude if you have something to suggest or say, best thing to do is join the s&box development discord. There is always discussion going on, its much better than this forum.
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the first day i joined there ppl were talking about you know what hub and i left immediately beacause i don't tolerate that
"You know what -hub" doesn't tell us. Pornhub or Github? Cause I've seen both talked about on the S&Box discord
Just ignore it, that only happens sometimes. People talk about that shit on the internet, get used to it. A lot of people watch it.
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