• A few questions/ideas about a few different game systems.
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Okay, so I've got a few questions about the game's systems which I'll just compile here. It's primarily just a few core game systems I'd like to see or hear about: Will there be a realistic/semi-realistic liquid system? Not like Portal 2's gels, I mean being able to actually have flowing liquids and such. Will mappers be able to create environmental conditions i.e radiation, poisonous gas, heat, etc? Is a destructible environment type system possible in a map? Are portals, fluid like, well, Portal's portals possible? And if so will they be able to transport contraptions through without breaking them? How will lighting work? Will tools similar to the Gmod addon Wiremod exist in the base game?
I'll try to answer them based on my programming experience and the dev blogs so far. Unlikely because this game is multiplayer focused and synchronizing believable dynamic liquids between clients is hard and not worth it on the performance side of things. Something like portal is manageable though. That game doesn't really have physically accurate liquids. I'm very certain you can. The game has physics so I assume it also has triggers (physical boxes that run code when another physical object enters). Then it's just a matter of displaying the type of damage you want to do to the player. If the game supports removing and spawning models then it's possible. You can create a piece of wood, give it health and make it spawn splinters when shot and chunks of wood when destroyed. Then just despawn the original wood model and you got destruction. I'm sure you can make something that's good enough to be a 'portal'. Not sure if you can make something exactly like Portal. Depends on how much control you'll get on the physics and rendering. Not sure what answer you'd expect from this but it is just like any other lighting you see in other games. Probably some baked lightning with some dynamic lights. What I gather from the dev blogs is that there isn't a base game. You have a few game modes to choose from. Maybe you would call the 'sandbox' game mode the base game. Anyway, I doubt something as big as Wiremod will be included in the sandbox game mode. Maybe bits and pieces? Certainly no Expression 2. But I have confidence that people will want and make something similar, someday. TL;DR: Yes you can have those things but it's on you to make them happen.
Syncing liquid dynamics like waves in the ocean would be relatively simple and lightweight. You use an algorithm to generates the waves. Each client knows that algorithm. Each client syncs to the server clock.
I can imagine someone would create an abstracted sort of 2D flowing liquid in a similar way to cities skylines.
How I picture s&box is like a game engine but is based around the schema of addons, entities, and gamemodes. If you can imagine a way to make your idea using these three components then it's probably possible.
I think you may have misunderstood the question. The original poster was asking about physically accurate water simulations, not synchronized predetermined simulations. To give you an idea, Blender can do a pretty close approximation of liquids, and it can take anywhere from 2-20 seconds per frame to calculate. Adding onto that any networking overhead and you'll just be sitting there waiting for the game to buffer like a youtube video on a shit internet connection.
But thats blender, its not designed for real time rendering. Game engines are.
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