• Hunter-gatherers
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Hi, I would like to make a gameplay suggestion: there should be more focus on hunting, migrating with the animal herds, taking on dangerous pray (like mammoths, terror-birds and saber-toothed cats) and competition with unfriendly tribes for hunting grounds. What makes me really excited is the idea of progressing in the game by adapting to and surviving the elements and improving the tribes technology and skill in the hunt to take down bigger and more dangerous pray. Or just simply surviving wild animal attacks. I suppose, this is somewhat like what one other game had plans for the creature/tribe stage (based on early 2005 footage by W.W.) Learning animal husbandry and protecting the herds from wild animals may also prove to be an interesting addition to the game. I can hardly wait for this game, it is going to be so much fun!
Survival simulator, eh? Sounds fun.
Because it had no replies. I gave him a positive response since no one else would.
This shit should be bannable again
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