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Hello! I'm a huge fan of garrys mod, and I was wondering since the game is going to be running on Unreal engine, how hard would it be to run? I'd make the game as easy as possible to run, the majority of the community has pretty much potatoes as PCs. Here's my specs and let me know how bad my FPS could be. A8-3870K 8Gb DDR3 1866MHz GTX 1050Ti G1 Pretty much can run Grand Theft auto all high no issues. Thanks!
Game's barely even started development, there ain't gonna be concrete recommended specs for a while. Plus it'll vary by map and what content you have loaded.
It will also depend a lot on which maps or games you'll be playing. If you play in a huge map with so many objects and stuff to do, it might not run very well. I can safely say that it will depend on these variables primarily But you have a decent config, doubt it won't handle UE4
If you got a gaming graphics card older than 2014 you will most likely be able to run the game.
Just because it uses Unreal does not mean its going to be hard to run. This entirely depends on whatever you're doing in it. If you want a (very) rough performance estimate you could load up the Unreal editor and mess around in there.
I imagine you will run it just fine, it will most likely be more optimized for larger physics loads than source will. Plus you can always turn down the graphics
I have a 1050ti and a a8-3870k quad core apu any idea?
If you can run GTA5 then why wouldn't you be able to run S&box? Thats a dumb question.
With it being a sandbox I expect it to be as demanding as high end games, but much more CPU based tbh
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