• Page with list of functions
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I now this might be a stupid question to ask as of where the development is, but is it possible to have a list of functions that would be used for the coding just as Bohemia Interactive did with Arma 3(Category)? This might be a good idea for content creators and server creators so as they could start working on some gamemodes for when the game launches.
I would love this too, kinda like the Gmod wiki.
"Page with list of functions"? are you talking about Documentation. If so I'm sure we will have some degree of documentation to get started with.
Aside from the example code that we've seen on Discord/GitHub, I'm sure there will be some docs to go along with it all. If not from Facepunch, the community; it gets done either way.
It would make sense to end up getting a Wiki like we did for Garry's Mod Lua.
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