• What would make a good roleplay server?
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Yeah so the title says it all. My group of friends and I want to make a good quality roleplay server which people actually enjoy playing on. Without everything that makes darkrp horrible on gmod. We want good and unique addons, playermodels, sounds and players. We are a group of 4 programmers who want to create a amazing community.
Original ideas. If you want to make an amazing community you guys should put your heads together and figure out what you guys think makes for "amazing" roleplay. Not to be blunt, but if you guys don't have your own opinions on this I'm not sure why you guys are even bothering.
We do have our own opinions. What we want is the opinions of others. Same thing as what companies like oneplus do, they ask for feedback from the community to know how to make something people will actually want. What we might enjoy maybe wont be enjoyed by others.
I added onto my answer a bit, and the difference is oneplus has customers. Also you're asking this in a forum for a totally unreleased game that is probably ages from release?
To actually answer your question, it depends on your audience. Since S&box is moving away from the limitations of source, theoretically anything is possible but we wont know for certain what it will be like. Lets look at your average darkrp/perp style RP server. So from what we know from gmod, those RP servers thrive when you can find ways to group the population together. You'll want a level that has central areas where people will mingle and see eachother. Random players see other random players interacting in a parking lot for example and go check it out. Thats very good. So if you used a massive city map like San Andreas and only have 50 players on your server. It'll be quite difficult for players to meet each other. Instead, you should make something that has a city area a little bigger than that of Evocity or Rockford. You can however go crazy with the outer lying areas as they're used more for traveling and basing and not trying to get players to meet eachother. That covers the level. Now lets look at the game mechanics. The biggest thing is what can makes players come back. Making money to buy cars is usually the most effective way to do it. You can also add other 'status' items players can buy. Maybe very expensive clothing items, or with S&box, entire houses and properties. Look at GTA:O. Players come back to buy expensive things. But its not just the expensive things that make them come back. It's also how much fun they can have getting those expensive things. You need a solid mix of solo and multiplayer money making options. Jobs work great. So does producing items. The more ways to make money, the better. But you also need to balance them. Historically, drugs were made the fastest way to make money but also carried the highest risk. You could get other jobs with much less risk like bus driving but it wouldn't make as much money. This made a really good balance so players can choose how much they want to risk for the money they make. Lastly, you need good server management. Devs who care and work timely to fix bugs and make updates regularly. Like no more than 2 weeks apart regular. Lazy devs kill your server, no matter how hard you work to keep it up. You need to moderate your server well but not too much. Let people have fun and enjoy themselves, but at the same time, don't let players continually ruin other players experiences. This isn't american gradeschool. Nobody has to have their hands held and their souls coddled to keep them around. They'll just find other ways to whine anyway. Now as for serious roleplay, you don't need much. You need a good level that again, keeps players together but also gives them places to go away from people. You need a solid basic script that maintains character profiles, inventory, chat and emote systems, etc. The more important part comes from the roleplay base. Things like factions, employers, groups, propaganda, in-character news blogs, etc. Stuff that makes the server feel alive and real, like it's a real place you can go to. Voice chat is not recommended as it's an easy way to break character. You have lots of time to plan all this though so there's no rush. We don't even have a release date for S&box yet. Really focus on polishing your plans and making sure everything is laid out from the biggest ideas to the tiniest elements of a character profile script. Get feedback on it to see if the idea works for players and be prepared for people the guy above trying to downsize your dreams and tell you what to do. Hope this helps.
A good RP server is one where I can prop kill someone, then change my name to avoid getting banned. Rinse and repeat
Wow, you really added a lot to what we had in mind. We had in mind all the features we wanted to add, but we never thought about how they would play out with the level. We just talked about what we will do with the level so thanks for that. Thanks for your suggestions and opinion <3
Personally I love serious/semi-serious servers. They don't have that much joke jobs or items that you usually see on DarkRP. An unique server sticks out of the crowd. If possible, getting your own team of devs or starting out yourself can make a good first impression. Also make sure players are involved, so it's not about basing alone and buying/selling items to NPCs. Make a job for merchants like chefs and encourage non-job specific roleplay, such as shops and other events. Though it might be rough when starting out, if there aren't enough people for the jobs. Also make sure that server changes and gameplay suit your playerbase. If there are less players, use a small map that focuses on keeping those players together and interacting with each other. Once there are more players, a bigger map would be suitable. Having too big of a map makes it feel empty and you might not see other players at all when driving around the map. Also when it comes to admins on the server, they should enforce the rules and make sure players understand what they've done wrong. In most cases, it is a minor misunderstanding or the player wasn't aware that something is not allowed. Give warnings, tell them the specific rule they broke, what they should do differently next time etc. Though there will be those who could not care less and continue violating the rules on purpose. For those players, a punishment such as blacklist/ban is more fitting.
I've always hated those kinds of jobs like, "rapist, climber, pet, spiderman" to name a few. About the map, I have an idea. Starting out with a base map, then as more players go joining the server we will start expanding the map little by little, not making huge expansions like I've seen other servers do.
Well first off, scrap basically all of the god awful rules they use currently. DarkRP was a gamemode designed specifically to not need an RDM rule, and yet that's the rule that makes up 90% of all bans on most servers. It's outright lazy using the rule instead of putting effort into making your server's police system good. Gameplay-wise, I think DarkRP is fine personally. It's a money system and a jobs list, basically, and that's all an RP gamemode really needs. It lends itself well to a lot of different gamemodes and themes. The arrest system isn't amazing, but it works. I'd want an RP gamemode in S&Box to start as a port of DarkRP and add features from there, basically. I think the main problem with DarkRP is it's a little lacking in base content though, and what's there usually isn't great. Like the hunger system where it seems like you're eternally starving no matter how long you set hunger to last. Or the fact that the only moneymaking system by default is the really bad base printers. There's no legal moneymaking system for people who might not want to be criminals, and there's no other ways of making money aside from the paycheck. Meaning everything else you'd need for the gamemode is something you either need to make yourself or buy off scriptfodder...
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