• Release documentation/tools for level design?
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Is it possible we could get some documentation and/or tools to create some levels for S&box now so there's some decent maps out there on release? Basically I want to know what's needed in a level to be used in S&box, what the scale should be, and what level design programs can be used, as well as access to any tools available like plugins and such. Like if I wanted to throw together a level in Unity, I would want to know how to designate player starts, how to make triggers that open doors automatically, and what scale to use.
We can't even be sure of whether or not the current tools will stay in place and/or if they'll changed in future commits. Game runs in the Unreal Engine, so anticipate being able to import maps from that engine. Otherwise, if you look around #development on Discord you can see some of the work put in to load other level formats, such as ones from the Source Engine.
Ok but like, documentation would still be nice to have. Would hate to design an entire level just to find out I've gotta rebuild it.
Yoinks. It's as simple as learning the provided tools then creating a level. Not rocket science unless you have -2 IQ.
Coulda just said everything is universal...
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