• Beta KEYS on discord
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So for those not checking their discord right now. "mark america great again" to enter a contest to win a key. You need to message him a paragraph of why you deserve to win a key. Good luck to everyone!!!!
Don't advertise it.
http://whiteboxnetworks.uk/sharex/st420/1chard6d.png NOW GIVE KEYS
I know that I might be overthinking things by a little, but I accidentally downloaded the game link and I'm a little worried with all of the people saying that it's a virus. I'm aware that it might be a joke, but could I please have some confirmation that the link's safe? Thanks!
Its published by facepunch. Its not a virus. I doubt they would want to affect their image that way,
Thank you so much, Fluffed! I appreciate your kind words and I just got the game downloaded!
Dude, they put porn video and porn images on the official discord ...
Different than having people download viruses :v
wow was great time !!!! unfortunate key is not rael but it okbecause game willl come soon..
IDK man I'm pretty sure Layla's gonna have a lawsuit on her hands for for coming close to infringing on the already heavily well established and very well known "Familiar Block Game" franchise.
I thought she already had a lawsuit on her hands for that same reason, hmmm..
To be fair they made the general channel NSFW before they posted porn. You would have to have clicked yes to have seen the porn so its your own fault.
What does this have to do with facepunch ?
What do you mean 'she'. Layla is a dude
Its a joke from the Discord
Well without context you just looked like a dumbass lol
not equivalent to destroying a computer
Well if you actually paid attention you would see I didnt start the joke, but the guy I replied to did. So the guy I was talking to knew the context.
When I click "fortblox.exe", it does nothing.
You probably need a new mouse pad. I heard a faulty mouse pad will cause that
Fixed it. It was the system32 virus.
MFW Not the explorer.exe virus.
Was this made on the game engine or was it just a random thing done to get people to play together?
Fortblox discussion! https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/110054/33ef6490-2058-468a-8e12-d5c25215c898/image.png
Don't believe anything you see on the discord.
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