• Classic Garry's Mod gamemodes back in S&Box
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What is going to happen with old Garry's Mod gamemodes? Did old developers for gamemodes like TTT, Deathrun, DarkRP come forward and say they are going to officially recreate it? Or is the consensus that random individuals will just ramake them? On that matter I can say that a group of devs and I are making a zombie survival gamemode.
ttt is going to be remade by layla afaik, no idea about death run and someone will remake darkrp i'm sure
I ain't recreating shit
Retro Teamplay with Spellgame assets https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6HUHYuQOjQ https://youtu.be/nGTPqvelk90?t=145
I really want to see classic zombie survival, it would be quite easy to port.
If you're talking about classics, melon racer is a must.
S&Box is a fresh start. No need to make old gamemodes be creative and original.
Sometimes, classics just can't be beat. However a new game with a better engine that's not ancient will mean that developers and modelers can be much more creative.
Can we ban DarkRP from ever being ported?
I am in two minds about this. On one hand I´d love for sandbox to have its own identity apart from "Garry's Mod 2" and be more of a relatively simplified development tool, on the other hand recreating some gamemodes and emphasizing the multiplayer sandbox aspect would probably bring in much larger sales.
Sure, the problem is that gamemodes like DarkRP combined with a marketplace like Gmodstore discourages creativity. Every server becomes a copy of every other server, and since it's so easy to spin up your own "custom" darkrp server, the list gets overpopulated with these unoriginal servers.
you can, at best, filter them out then. You're not going to delete an entire gamemode because one person doesn't like it, that's mental. And DarkRP existing doesn't discourage creativity?? If the argument is that people flock exclusively to DarkRP, removing DarkRP would just mean GMoD wouldn't have these people, and thus no need to create new gamemodes. It's a moot point.
I am willing to bet someone will either port one of the other RP gamemodes (think nutscript) or create a lua interpreter of sorts before DarkRP is properly ported simply because of how much shit there is to port.
Sledbuild plz
Port DarkRP, license it under the AGPLv3, and rake in closed source server owner tears.
Lets put whole glua + gmod module stuff under GPLv3 the same way SourceMod did with its extensions/plugins stuff https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=131101 The way SourceMod grew thanks to GPLv3 is pretty amazing
Gotta do the AGPLv3 in specific. Otherwise people will argue the clause on that.
Honestly, one thing we should be done is looking into what are the most popular addons for Sandbox, and bringing them in as Vanilla. Stuff like SProps, ACF, Precision Alignment, ect.
I support this idea, I can't even play Garry's Mod without subMaterial, Stacker or Stand Pose tool. I think s&box should have more tools or atleast equivalents of those.
I would absolutely support that, adding a few refinements from Garry's Mod would be great for the Sandbox...well...sandbox.
This stance has been taken by gamedevs before- my issue with it is that gamedevs, even if they're in complete control of an entire project, don't usually have the same resources and commitment to side-projects or features like these. I always get an image of a gamedev saying "wow this mod someone made is brilliant! lets put it in the game!" and then integrating it in a more dumbed down capacity (Kerbal Space Program?). After that happens, people don't always seem up to trying to reimplement the original mod and all of its features. Why put in a bunch of effort into something that exists in the game by default, even if it's reduced? From what I've seen in games like ArmA it seems best that the gamedevs focus on the platform itself. Building out APIs, tools, documentation- giving the community nerds all the things they need to construct to their hearts content on top of that. And when the community owns something, like Precision Alignment, it can be forked in case the original developer goes away or introduces features that aren't kosher.
Yeah sure man I'll make a shitty rp gamemode from scratch for S&Box no doubt. There'll be an obvious demand for it and I'd be retarded if I didn't put in the bit of effort it takes to make thousdands of dollars off of some soccer mom's creditcard.
Well since a lot of todays gamemodes are based on DarkRP, I believe making some sort of recreation of DarkRP would actually benefit S&Box a lot. For the more experienced developers and creators, S&Box will be a paradise compared to Garry's Mod.
Remember, if done right, DarkRP can be the gamemode we all loved and not what it is today.
I remember the days when you were actually excited to log on and play on your favorite DarkRP server. The days when DarkRP was not such fucking aids, you could actually role-play back in the days.
Put together a quick list of every github snippet Layla has posted I wanna add all the code he's posted freeform/text in discord as well
Did Layla already start recreating?
Not sure what you mean, sorry
What did you link?
Just snippets he's posted? Not engine stuff, this is addon level
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