• S&Box logo parodies and ideas
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Post all your parodies (Or ideas) in here! I'll start off with the ones we already have. The original shitpost by Moobs: A group collaboration to have the cancer spread, remastered version made by Moobs (Again): A more child friendly approach by Foss: PlayerUnknown's S&Box developed by Crayz: And lastly my own approach adapting the PU logo to the S&Box style:
These are all so dank.
Needs more dank weed
Are you using Photoshop ?
We only use the best products, such as Microsoft Paint and Snipping Tool.
Clearly, this unreleased game's community is heading in the right direction.
Hey, you forgot about UndertaleRP, PokemonRP and FNaFRP
You also forgot Half life RP
That's for the wussies, ever heard about (SERIOUS) HALF-LIFE 2 RP | WHITELIST | PERMA-DEATH | FRENCH ONLY
Perma death ueh ? that wierd
Di- Did I do it right?
These new Micro-transaction memes are purely amazing.
This isnt EA
Hey I got an addition. sandno2
Did somebody used this logo creation software? I am looking for some tutorials..
damn the necro
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