• New name for spaceUsurper
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@ryleigh wanted to see some new names for the game, this doesn't mean the name could change, if you have a nice idea for a new name that describes the game or it fits better. Fire off!
Space Cunts
Space Farts
Space Blunts
Reminds me of that Robosaurs VS The Space Bastards game
Space Legacy: A Facepunch Game
Don't change the name, it's unique, descriptive and fitting. How many times do we have to say to convince you Ryleigh 😥
Space Cunts would definitely get some attention
james and the giant spaceship
Rooty Tooty Shooty My Booty
Outer Atmospheric Violation of the Line of Succession
Futile Space
Flappy Spaceship
Its hard to read with white background and white text
Amazing necro. Game was renamed to Chippy.
Space Cunts was better imo
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