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Lots of people are asking when keys for the beta will be sent out. We will announce on the blog, Twitter, Facebook etc when the are being sent out. Keys have NOT been sent out yet.
So, when we could expect keys? (just asking, dont scream on me )
It will be one Monday after tomorrow.
Our plan was to get some out in December, but it's looking like January I think.
aa damn
Its anyways good
yeah but i could play in this game even if it is bad version and nah not everyone for example 100 they gonna to choose who will get key and how much they will sent out
I think they should release the game still in the beta and with time go to solve the bugs
i agree with u
releases the game still in beta works well with several other games, like the ARK that came out of the beta almost a year later more everyone was already playing and even then it was a beautiful game
C'mon guys, be patient. Games like this are typically worth the wait!
Sim, eu sei que quero muito jogue esse jogo, muito mais incrível que não é mais, mas pedimos que você libere o jogo ainda em versão beta, já que outras empresas fazem e aumentam mais dinheiro e projeto sai mais rápido
How many keys are getting sent out and what are the odds of receiving a key
We mortals don't know the answer on that question.
Who else is super hyped for beta?!!!
Guys! the BETA is out now, come one kids!
i would to belive in it
Hate to break it to you but it's not
We mostly to get the Beta by the end of January or mid Feb to be honest that's what i think.
you know what guys? i think we'll wait for beta to 2019
Like i said " end of January or mid Feb " we just have to wait and see.
it can be the end of 2018
I really hope we get the keys this month or next month *crosses fingers*
More likely 2019
Whats the reason for 2019, dont you want more players feeling the game out and giving their opinion or the project itself is on hold and will continue when more time to develople the game comes? Regards! Ryan
Hey Bill, its almost middle of january ,so could u tell us some about keys or beta?
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