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I was wondering what you guys are planing to code, model or map once S&box is released. I will just assume that a lot of you were content creators for Gmod aswell, so what are your plans for this new game? I was making a custom zombie survival gamemode for Garry's Mod, but with this game coming out I will wait and do it for S&box instead.
my idea is waiting for the game
The first thing I'd do is have fun with the rigid constraint system. No more floppy burgers!
I will do what I always do B U I L D
sex pose ragdolls of course.
Waiting for someone to code for me.
something like wiremod in s&box would be nice i cant do it myself but
DarkRP. just kidding. Death to DarkRP. only the other RP modes are good. Now for real, I think I'm gonna spend over 100 hours on mapping
I think I'm going to take a larger focus towards mapping in S&box. I'm not too sure though, for me it ultimately depends on what is the most tantalizing for me at the time. I am really excited to see how far I can push it as hopefully it won't have the same limits that Garry's Mod and the Source engine in general has.
Hell yeah load of mods like Wiremod will surely be made.
I'm gonna fuck around with the map editor to death.
Damn straight. I'm gonna be making loads of maps. And i'll be glad to rid myself of hammer editor.
thinking i could get into C# learning as i go, just to mess around with the engine and make things.
I learned most of my coding skills from E2 in Wiremod on GMOD. I hope this game gets a kind of wiremod. I hope we get a C# version of E2. The thing about C# is it can be incredibly powerful but also incredibly simple. It can perform basic tasks like math or it can run an entire windows program.
I have so many ideas, yall just wait.
I plan on recreating some of the addons that I made in gmod, in S&Box in order to teach myself how to code in C# and get used to the library.
Looking to make some fun RPG style gamemodes for it
Will probably make a serious roleplay framework with some people. Will probably work on a jailbreak gamemode with someone. Will probably make some toolgun tools to make building better.
A rpg would be nice, something like Underdone
Take this map plan I drew up (and then obviously photoshopped to make the other half) and convert it for use in Deathmatch for S&box. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/2445/7bdfd454-559e-425b-aba7-25198534c206/cp_raider.png
I'd want to use the improved engine to further work on my London RP map, hopefully taking advantage of whatever roleplay gamemodes are developed too - ideally one that's heavily customisable, accomodating for both silly and serious roleplayers, and isn't just cars/drugs/guns/etc.
I'm working on a series of maps that mostly take place within different parts of the same setting, then I'm planning to make some comics in that setting. I'll probably remake the maps if they're made by the time SBox comes out, assuming the required content (tools, ragdolls, map textures/models, etc) exists. If it takes long enough, I might have turn my Source Character Creator idea idea into a SBox character creator (assuming SBox doesn't have one by default).
enormous spacebuild map
ui stuff best stuff
The very first thing I'm going to do when I get the game and load it up is for once in my fucking life build a hoverball airship that doesn't kill me the second I fly upwards while standing on it.
I can't wait to make some funny video in S&Box That's would be great
in s&box, integrated a kind of wire mod from gmod
help with the vr support and then create maps and other content stuff.
Probably make a version of ZS.
First of all I would test literally everything out. Then it's time to program.
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