• Your ideas and plans for S&box
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Oof adding on to this, some interesting magic system
Hopefully a good PvP gamemode which won't die out like Ground Control. Yes, there just isn't enough good PvP modes which are populated a lot of the time and it's really sad...
I'm starting to learn the basics of C#, I'd like to try and create a few general addons that could be used in multiple game modes. Things like a shop, hud, and an administration system (When I'm capable). Though another thought would be to start a community on a decent game mode and to compete with other servers to the top. Striving to be one of the best servers and community in the game. I may be shooting a bit too high, but dunno, competition would be fun anyways.
I'm hoping it retains Gmod face flex scale and has an optional SFM-like mode. SFM animations with Gmod faces, if you will.
I want S&box to be basically unlimited. Just a shell for the engine it is running on and making creating game modes accessible. Gmod was based around modding and its community. But the engine had limitations and that is what held it back, i hope they improve allot by removing any limitations they can find. Also, TTT. Better DarkRP. Official third party gamemode support. Sub-Gamemodes. Like 2000 versions of dark rp? lets just group e'm first.
We need good old Fretta back and many more PvP gamemodes besides TTT, that's what we need!
I'm "10 month pregnancy" levels of late here but iirc ground control died because the main server running it decided it was a good idea to slap on horrendously intrusive ads.
A pre-built framework to use when developing for s&nsbox would be very welcome.
ZombiesZone is that?
I can't remember what it was. I did play it a fair bit though.
Isn't zombieszone just a survival mode though?
ZombiesZone's a server community. They have a few Zombie Survival servers around and they had a Ground Control server when that was active.
I'll try to get into it's mapping system when it comes out.
I'd love to check out the San Andreas game mode.
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