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On the one hand, it would be nice with the other, it's Sandbox, go do what you want.
There's a stigma of RP being cancer, but if done correctly even the worst of RP ideas can make a good gamemode, of course that would be 1 in 100, but hopefully Sandbox can start off right with more modders than Gmod that can make quality rp.
It's inevitible that there is going to be a RP gamemode. One morning you will wake up, look into the S&box gamemode list and almost catch a heartattack when you read DarkRP
S&box is not released yet rp gamemode could be in 2019 ?
Surprisingly relatable.
It will be faster than that team is making good progress very fast. I
I really hope it's not called DarkRP. I would much prefer DimRP!
I hope that most gamemodes stay in Garry's Mod and die there (directing this towards cancerous gamemodes). This game will have more of a creative capability and we shouldn't bring back something like DarkRP straight away. If we bring RP into this game, then we will do it right and have custom servers to the full extent. On Garry's Mod, most owners do not even try to creatively make their server unique, which is really depressing to me. This game will incorporate something Garry's Mod never had and that is the full ability to make or do whatever you want to, how you see fit. To conclude, I believe that this game will have 10x more gamemodes than Garry's Mod and RP will just be a smudge to the gamemodes that will be available in this game. I am not quite sure about the full capability of this game, but I have that feeling it is pretty promising.
Whilst some people view certain game modes as cancer, others have great memories and would love to see it in S&box. My friend V3gga ran a popular DarkRP server for a long time, and a lot of things like the HUD was custom. And it had features which we hardly see in any other DarkRP servers like Stamina. Had a massive range of Jobs and many players to fill it. I would spend hours in E2 writing systems to control lights, alarms and doors and money printers. EGP display for my automatic gunshop. Had like 5 people in my base running different operations and raiding various bases. And we built good too, non of those slap together a base shit. We spent sometimes an entire day just building details into the base to make it look perfect. These are all things I would love to see happen in S&box eventually. I truly hope that DarkRP is a thing. It only became cancerous because it got filled up with screaming kids, but there was good servers out there. And I like the non-serious aspect of DarkRP over other gamemodes like SeriousRP. I like that you can have a lot of fun screwing around. Leave the full capabilities of the game to the gamemodes which can better make use of these features.
Almost sounds like we're the same person, thinking about it the reason any RP server is cancerous is mostly because of the players, kids playing, people who just don't give a damn, minges and bad admins, lest us not forget that it's also cancerous if the gamemode itself is just a copy and paste, every server should be original, which I hope is what'll happen to S&Box.
I totally agree! However, I think the name should change and the general feel should be altered as a good refresher.
An RP gamemode should not follow the life of DarkRP - if anything it should have the features of darkrp and more. Many DarkRP deriving gamemodes which were actually different died out because of darkrp - making it so the base gamemode is actually good enough to last for everyone will make the longevity and server threshold as large as darkrp's while still encouraging previous people to return.
I mean, yeah, RP is overused, but other than that there's no real way to describe what it is without partially changing the meaning, I suggest dropping the RP in general. EXAMPLES: Pokemon RP ----> Pokemon Undertale RP ---> Undertale Furry RP ----------> Furry Cancer RP -------> Cancer Another way to put it is calling it GameMode (GM)
Having a roleplay game mode is inevitable, i just hope it is created well, and that server owners will create their own stuff considering how easy it will be to create.
I mean we kinda get its RP. So I agree, just drop RP. But for some reason 'Dark' doesn't sound quite right. I think a new name like 'Dark Reality' or something would be nice.
Garry's Mod was far easier to mod than S&box is going to be. If you actually believed throwing a bunch of existing mods together and calling it a unique server wouldn't be a thing in S&box, then you are wrong.
How's it easier? In S&Box you don't even need to compile materials before using them, not to mention importers that allow you to import assets directly from different games.
Importing things isn't creating things. Coding is harder now and most people wouldn't code their own things even as easy as Lua was.
Then there's me that actually likes how Source handles materials...
What's so good about it?
I just like how customizable it is and how you can have multiple channels in a single file that serve different purposes, watching at an actual VMT made by valve gives an headache by how complex the textures can get. It's also probable that I'm biased towards it because it's the only engine I make textures for, so I have no experience with a better one.
How is it going to be harder, you don't have to deal with lua, you have ue4 stuff. A internal map editor. I know there will be shitty un unique servers, but i'm hoping there will be more creativity and uniqueness
lua sucks
lua's nice if all you want to learn is lua metatables unf
Uhh, yeah you won't have to deal with Lua, but with C#.
But i think a lot more people know C# rather than lua. I'm not going to say one is better than the other, but i think people will prefer c#, especially due it its use in unity and its similarity between c++
It will certainly be a learning curve. C# is way more complicated than LUA. Sit someone in a room for a day teaching LUA and they'll have a good basic grasp of it. Put someone in a room for a week learning C# and they'll grasp the tip of the iceburg. But LOADS of people know C# as you said due to its popular use. So a lot of new developers will be coming out the woodwork to make cool stuff.
I like the change to C# because compared to Lua it offers a lot more control and complexity. But I'm a programmer. I don't expect the scripters from Gmod to make the jump.
I personally want to see some cool addons, something that in source 2 was almost impossible or laggy.
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