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Has anyone already started on making gamemodes in C# ready? (forming class structures, objects & planning?)
please no, multiplayer rp in games always becomes a catastrophe. literally look at any game with public rp servers
Ill be recreating my DarkRP server in sandbox, it's a old one from 2015 in case that means anything. I've been trying to plan as much as i can, porting maps and addons the best i can. But without more data there isn't much to go off of. When there is another game mode or some docs then more people will developing. Also side note how do you get more credits?
Don't port old maps. They are made horribly. Especially Downtown... its really poorly made. Just re-make those maps brand new, thats what i'm going to do.
Of course, they would all have to be remade to fit how ue4 maps are created. Downtown is a really horribly made map but it is popular, so completely remaking it is my goal. It's going to be a real challenge because half the stuff is backed against the skybox and no skybox in ue4. Good luck to both of us trying to sort out that.
The problem was never DarkRP, RP servers, or RP server owners. The problem has always been sites like Gmodstore/Scriptfodder since they were created. Those sites negatively affected the creative ideology of coders in favor of low effort cash grabs. When I started playing Gmod, people wrote scripts for fun. Yeah, there were servers that copied each other, but in order to do that they needed to code the copied features themselves. There was no easy way to get the EXACT same scripts as other servers ( Aside from client-side scripts but that can still be done ). These days though, with the creation of Gmodstore, servers can directly copy each other line for line by purchasing the same addons. The for-profit model of coding also lead to the transition from creating quality code out of curiosity/creativity to the production of shit-tier cash-grab coding which is then purchased by 20 other server owners. While I enjoy the income that Gmodstore provides for lua coders, I think that this sort of site should be prohibited, or an alternative should be considered, as it discourages the creative nature of this type of game.
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