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Do you have any ideas for addons you think would be cool or interesting? Share them here! Also, just gonna say this right here, please don't steal anyone's ideas (unless they give permission/say that they won't be making it)
I'll reupload the FNAF models first so I get thousands of likes and then when it becomes famous I will release a ragdoll poser / animation to fill the workshop with FNAF Ship / Sex dupes.
Sounds like wining plan to me keep it up.
Call of Pripyat asset importer and an a-life clone, should be straight forward thanks to open xray.
A PEZ Dispenser SWEP with Garry's Head as the character. Will shoot deadly PEZ.
1st thing THAT GUCCI PORTAL GUN 2nd the quantumn storage device
I could invest my time in porting my Random Death Sounds addon over, just to say it's the first Death Sound addon, but I don't want to taint the Workshop so soon.
a machine learning addon that creates new addons
Now were talking.
With the possibility of insanely large maps, It would not be unlikely for vehicle addons such as TDM cars or WAC aircraft to resurface and get a lot more use.
According to Steam the Murder gamemode is majorly out of date, could always remake that one. I reslly don't care what happens so long as I never have to see a "sandbox addon store".
I imagine there might be something similar, and it will be much better. We'll likely see driving mechanics similar to modern racing games as well as high resolution models inside and out. TDM cars pushed GMOD to its very limits, and its models are very impressive. But the driving mechanics aren't so impressive although they are impressive in the terms of GMOD.
a 1:1 ratio model of lil pump.
Big Shaq addons ?
You open up a great point, how will the conversion actually work? I know that in Gmod the people are not actually as tall as someone IRL, they're 1.3 meters or something like that, would a 1:1 ratio model of lil pump actually look normal in the game or would it be too big?
All that shit that was in the previous game Garry's mod.
BREAKING NEWS: Local man reuploads ENTIRE Gmod workshop onto the newly released S&Box, "It was as easy as that, poof, and 2 millions addons are no for S&box" Packages says confidently as he gives a preview of his next project: "I don't think I like S&Box, I'll make my own, better".
In other news: 2 million addons found to have a backdoor in them.
Travel to moon
SpaceX Rocket ships and highly detailed Tesla cars.
Honestly, with Maps big Enough - Spaceships you can walk in (like REAL flying Star Destroyers or the Enterprise)
Shadow of the Colossus boss NPCs.
Admin Tools, I want more creative stuff in them.
abusive tools for admins.
A vape addon which produces so much smoke that the server crashes. But in reality I agree with TDM addons which would mean good driving physics + working netcode so police chases in RP servers wouldn't be a clusterfuck.
Physical particle system addon.
real water addon as well as adjustable hulls (player collision w/ map) for making any map into a HUGE map by just making the player really tiny
I was working on some maps for Gmod, I'll make similar but bigger versions of those maps. It also depends on what assets are included in the release.
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