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VR Addon
Maybe an admin system.
An admin mod like ULX.
First thing I'm doing is porting my dab mod.
oh, oh, i know. a full city based off of city 17, citadel and all, just for fun
i'll just pick whatever is famous in the geek world (this is for you all those thanos sweps and models) and rig models from other places into s&box and get infinite $$$ ?
Currently developing my own scripting language called 'Skrypt', which I want to be kinda like what Expression 2 is in Gmod, but 100x better. I've already gotten quite far, and it supports some nice features already.
here we go, we already have e2's equivalent. will it be able to make vehicle base chips like e2 does?
Highly probable - it just comes down to exposing stuff from S&box's API to Skrypt, which is a fairly easy process.
awesome, looking forward to messing around with it
If Sakurai won't listen to the fans, S&box should have a platform fighter (SSB) game mode.
Could be pretty fun actually. I seem to remember a mod for TF2 that had some SSB-like properties that was really fun.
More PvP mods. I'm tired of shitty Trouble in Terrorist Town and DarkRP and no PvP modes are ever populated anymore.
I would love an addon where when you pick something up, you physically grab it. When you turn valves or push buttons you have hands, performing these actions in realtime. Would make shit so much more immersive. Climbing ladders, swimming... mostly first person stuff.
It'd be an honor if someone made a script that automatically detects if someone has a youtube channel and bans them from the server. I really want little kids to stay no more than infinite ft away from this game for as long as possible
First off, that's just never going to be possible. Second off, that's just plain elitist stupidity, who cares if a 9 year old plays the same game as you?
An SFM-esque animation mode to make videos.
This might be cool (though it may require tons of work). A life simulation game mode similar to The Sims.
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