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Which game importer you want to see added in S&box? cod1 importer
Minecraft or Roblox... but to be serious, I'd say the STALKER games would be cool to port over.
Yeah, it would be cool to import prypiat into S&box.
i say roblox would be cool because its pretty easy to use the building tools.
If someone actually writes a Roblox importer i'm just gonna commit suicide. This game is already a 12 yearold magnet... we don't need the 8 yearolds swarming too.
Default UE4 Map Files from the default UE4 Editor.
that's kind of stereotypical. im already 19 but some 15-16 yr olds started to spawn kill me so look who's talking. and im pretty sure the reason why they "squeak" is because of the teens in that game that probably tease them during the whole time of game play. not only that but a Roblox importer would have no effect whatsoever on the population of kids playing s&box. and that's the least of our problems for kids are a pretty big part of any game dev's profit.
Metro would be kickass to see.
I wonna see gmod
And super mario odyssey
importer for pokemon games that'll register the pokemans
will it be pain in the ass to make importer? :\
It appears no. If you take a look at the ones in he Devblogs, they appear simple enough (I'm aware they use external functions).
Popping open encoded/compressed file is no easy task, especially when it's related proprietary engines
Source and Fortnite would be cool, I am not sure if source is going to have it already with the game itself but it'd be kind of cool. :dog:
You will be able to natively import source maps. Fortnite is an Unreal game and Layla (developer) has not been clear if there will be an UE importer. Although some stuff has been mentioned.
Unreal games wont be supported directly because of how much of a pain it would be to keep updated. Instead if you really want assets from Unreal games you'll have to convert the files into a format that s&box supports.
If people can make a custom importer. Wont it be possible for somebody to make it themselves? Although they will probably abandon it right whenever they realize how annoying it will get.
What about for older games like that don't get engine updates?
10:41 Test lightmap encoding on idtech3 maps
Skyrim, Fallout, GTA 5, Forza ---> assets would be fun to mod with.
Those would be very interesting, I was thinking, and now I want to know how many polies a car should have in S&box now that it's a much more powerful engine than Source is.
Did someone say id Tech 3?
GZDoom Reelism Make slots for all the true 3D shooters ???? PROFIT!!!
Okay so in other words, we just convert our UE4 map into something like 3Dmax. The from that into Sandbox. Thats actually a more efficient way of doing it in my opinion. I'd certainly like to see 3Dmax supported it possible since its a brilliant map editor on its own.
GTA 5 for a modern city setting. I would really like one for ID tech 6, mainly for Doom 2016 to work with snapmap. I'd also like importers for the PC version of Dark Souls and it's sequels, as well as CoD: Advanced Warfare and Black Ops 3 for cyberpunk stuff. Cyberpunk 2077 if possible, Advanced Warfare and Black Ops 3 are okay for weapons and combat gear but I would like to see more civilian stuff and maybe RUINER. Alien Isolation, Prey (2017) and CoD: Infinate Warfare for some stuff in space. The Dead Space games for a sci-fi horror setting. Resident Evil 7 and the Resident Evil 2 remake (which runs on the same engine) for a modern horror setting (relatively, since RE2 takes place in the late nineties and RE7 takes place in the modern day).
true this, obviously Roblox is a nightmare nowadays. It was a good game, of course, but now it's greedy cringe.
I think you are mistaking it for another game. It was never a good game.
Well it WAS like back in 2008, when it was not filled with dater kids. It was just a simple destruction and building game. No animations, no chat, only gameplay.
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