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I'll probably write an importer for the early battlefield games (1942 / 2 / 2142).
id tech 5, 4a engine, definitely source (that already exists according to the discord)
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (NFS11, 2010 Hot Pursuit), one of the best modern Need for Speeds out there and was on Unreal Engine afaik
Fortnite is a must have.
Honest question from legal noob: Are there any particular legal issues that may arise from game importing?
-Bethesda Games such as Fallout & The Elder Scrolls -Sonic The Hedgehog -God Of War -Some old games like Gauntlet Dark Legacy, Donkey Kong 64, Kingdom Hearts, etc. -Red Dead series -Pikmin -Etc.
Sonic '06 (aka Sonic O-Fucking Piece of Shit)?
yall tryin to import a mu fuckin game within a game that isnt even released. d e a d a s s
Anything MT Frameworks would be nice. And maybe an all-in-one Souls formats importer because juggling around several scripts all in various stages of completion or lack thereof is a pain. MMD formats (.pmx/.pmd) would also be a no brainer simply because it's one of the more prolific model formats.
you could write importers now if you wanted to, I've given out examples and the model classes
Maybe a stupid question, but where did you post those? Would love to take a look and try to make my own importer.
Just cause 3. Definitely, just do all of them! Sandbox rampage destruction + COMPLETE SANDBOX = FUN FUN FUN (and death and destruction)
Maybe goes without saying, but having all ye olde source maps would still be very welcome.
i doubt it will ever be a thing since it runs on a custom engine but the island from the witness would be a great map to mess around with also the peninsula from the forest
Gauntlet Dark Legacy Psychonauts Super Mario Sunshine Sonic Adventure 2 Kingdom Hearts Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner Metal Gear Solid 3 Ratchet & Clank WWE (+ Created Wrestlers) Saints Row
An importer for vindictus would be great. I'd love to see an improved version of the vindictus bosses addon.
just use source importers my dude
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