• Is the game seriously gonna be $2000?
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I went to the discord of the game, and asked if the game was playable. They told me it was $800. I asked what the game's price would be on release and they said $2000. Is this true? I can't imagine anyone buying it for that price. I also said "I'm just gonna assume you're trolling about the price and leave" and they kicked me out.
They are being sarcastic meaning they are joking the game is not gonna be 2000$
I didn't pick up on the sarcasm lol. Annoying that I can't go back to the discord either, since I was kicked out.
Actually $800 just to have the files, you'll have to compile it yourself and even at that point it's not a complete game!
The game is in very early development, questions like that are currently irrelevant and may piss off the devs, especially when it's being asked so frequently
Maybe list the price somewhere on the website?
Hey, Bill Gates may be worth less as a fetus than he is at his current age... You can't put a price on something not done yet, and if you do, it'd be unreliable as it'd most likely change (If it doesn't, that's either a really bad thing, or a really good thing if it's cheap- but that's also a redflag)
If you're a poor pleb who doesn't attend luxurious mansion parties, or if you don't have access to backstage of famous clubs, you can't play S&box. The pricetag is just the barrier to keep out the plebs.
Yes the game will be $2000. But you can pay monthly for it!
Now let's be serious... Garry did say that noone would pay $50 or $30 for Garry's Mod, and following the Facepunch trend (Hinted by Layla) the final price will be between $10 and $25
Thank you mr buzzkill
That's still too far outside my budget. I'm living on monopoly money, man. College has done bad things to me.
Monopoly money ? You must be rich.
9.99 to download to memory. 39.99 to install to a storage device. 89.99 each boot up. If the session goes above 100 hours itll instantly charge 50c a second. This game will also have energy and each energy is used up every 1 minute and you got 20 energies max. Its 10$ a single piece of energy. But still worth it.
little price !
"im crying.we are gonna be poor. oh fuck oh fuck i need to email garry and demand a refund" - OP 2018
Jbmod is free.
people are gonna cheat A LOT and they're going to buy more than 2000$ worth of s&box just for cheating and greifing
I heard you were going to have to pay for the game with ritual sacrifice. $2,000 is a step in the right direction.
You can also promise your firstborn son to facepunch studios.
Luckily I heard that they'll give it to you for free if you solve the Da Vinci Code
Yes, of course! It isn't a massive amount, come on! Best value! Pay £4000 and get 500 FREE gems to start yourself off!
The s&box website will have a link to the dark web so you can sell one of your kidneys to get the game easy as that!
What else do I get. I'm almost certain a kidney is worth more than $2000
The average FP'ers kidneys aren't. Too much Mountain Dew.
Fortunately I only ever drink red bull, gallons and gallons of red bull every day. I want my wings.
How is this thread even this active ?!
The 2000$ package comes with administrator rights and infinite prop spawns. The regular package limits prop spawning to 5 per hour, but you can buy a so called prop refunder that will allow you to remove a prop to be able and spawn one in it's place. It's only a quick 5$ away.
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