A summary of our plans and goals. Any dates or features mentioned here are intentions - not promises. The only promise we can confidently make is that this information is all wrong.
Q1 2018
24/42 - 57% complete
User Profile Page

Extra Fields
Some sites encouraged users to paste codes on their profile to verify their identity. Formalize this.
Post History
Display user's created threads and posts on their profile page.
Embed Settings
Add persistent formatting settings to embeds, such as size, alignment.

Formatting Controls
Choose embed size, inline or block, alignment.
Delete Button
Allow easier deletion of embeds by showing a delete button.
Forum Ratings
Allow forums to define their own ratings, and to disallow default ratings.

Allow forum ratings to have permissions using tags.
Find a non obtrusive way to let a user know their post has been rated.
Who rated
Show a list of who rated
Forum Thread Icons
Allow forums to define their own thread icons, and to disallow the default icons.

Get alerts when user posts
Forum Mode 2
Notification of all threads and replies
Get alerts when new threads are made in a forum
Get alerts when new posts in a thread are made
Moderation Tools

Allow users to report posts they think break the rules.
Remove Login Methods
Emote Editor
Allow moderators to add and change emotes
Rename Accounts
Thread Move Suggests
IP Address Lookup
Lookup all users that have accessed the site via a certain IP Address
New Thread Layout
Make new thread page resemble a post, like the reply box.
Solvable Threads
Allow solvable threads, in which users can mark them as solved and select a reply to mark as accepted.

Allow the thread creator to offer a bounty. The accepted answer will get the coins.
Automatically detect and embed the following types of link.

Alert Improvements

Automatic Read
Mark alerts as read if they're about a post we've seen.
Quoted Post Links
Post header links to post.
Focus On First Post
Increase the focus on creating threads instead of replies by giving special features to thread creators.

Increased Post Size
Allow much bigger size posts for the first post.
Post Formatting
Allow extra post formatting such as headers for the first post.
Image Uploading
Allow users to upload images to the forums, instead of always relying on a third party.
Save Unsent Posts
Save posts when leaving the page
Q2 2018
4/25 - 16% complete
Integrated Polls
Allow users to create and vote on polls within the forums. Use same system to allow votes from in-game and blogs.
Viewer Count
Show viewer counts on threads/forums.
Sign Ins

VK Signin
MailRu Signin
Yahoo Signin
QQ Signin
Battlenet Signin
Multiple Associations
Allow users to associate multiple accounts, and to optionally show links to those accounts on their profile. This means that users will only be able to display an account that they've verified that they own.
Steam Signin
Twitter Signin
Github Signin
Move Entire Forum
Move all users, threads and posts to the new system. Take old system offline.
Add ?json=1 to all pages
Link Expansion
Optionally show cards for pasted links.
Forum View Modes

For forums such as WAYWO or Screenshot forums, display threads as thumbnails.
Blog Mode
Show the first post of each thread
Better Front Page

Show Latest Threads
Show Popular Threads
Favourite Forums

RSS Feed Posting Bot
Allow bots to post news from RSS feeds in certain forum(s)
User Reply Tags
Allow forums to define some users as special, highlight threads that they reply to.
0/9 - 0% complete
Coin Funds

User Bans
Allow users to nominate other users to be banned, and to crowdfund that. Likely to be high coin amounts, short durations.
Add Emote
Allow users to add a new emote via crowdfunding.
Giving one coin will add one snowflake. The amount of snowflakes will decrease by one an hour. Keep snow on the site by adding more coins.
Coin Games

Monthly raffles, 10 coins a ticket, infinite entries, real world prizes.
Casino Games
Explore the possibility of casino games, such as roulette.
Russian Roulette
Wiki System