• Treat others how you would wish to be treated
  • Nothing illegal
  • Post in English, unless the thread/forum permits
  • Don't post photos/videos of gore/death - or anything that might make people feel sick (link with warning okay)
  • NSFW is considered to be things like (women's) nipples, vaginas, erect penii and arse holes.
    • NSFW rules don't apply to art
    • It isn't art if it's made primarily to masturbate over
    • Don't post NSWF images/videos (link with warning okay)
    • Don't have a NSFW avatar
Not Rules

In the past we've developed a bunch of rules. Outdated, confusing, stupid rules. They're no longer rules, so you should not get banned/punished/flamed for the following:

  • Stating a contrary opinion
  • Disagreeing with another poster
  • Not reading a stuck thread
  • Posting a photo of a cat
  • Posting, hinting, alluding to or thinking about memes
  • Posting without "effort", or any other subjective shit like "shitposting"
  • Revealing (on purpose or otherwise) your participation in piracy
  • Having an anime avatar
  • Having an avatar of massive fake greased up tits wiggling about in a bikini
    • Although I would argue that this reveals your own sexual inexperience/insecurity
  • Supporting the wrong political party