• The Performance Update
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So after a whole month hapis doesn't get anything? no bandit town, no card system.. no nothing..
They focused on performance this month. They can't work on everything at the same time.
Thanks so much, I was anxious for it.
So helk, I know we're already getting the cargo ship but I feel Rust is still missing something. Canoes! Rust needs a canoe powered by paddles! We all want more boats helk!
dont add a new sniper
It would be a good idea if we could take the complete clothes, gloves, boots, handkerchief in the face, in my opinion it feels uncomfortable to go with the gloves but barefoot. But it's fine what they've worked on this month, I personally had problems with the fog of the city of bandits, having a GTX 1050 Ti dropped from 80 to 40 fps, now I'm updating so I'll see the improvement, thank you very much for all the content every month :3
This update improved performance on my rig (Gtx 970, i7 6700k, 16gb ram) very well, but I noticed that after changing player camera movement its not really smoother. When you crouch in game, walk sideways next to pole (for example) and you can see that pole going through screen slightly stuttering, it feels like the pole across the screen is moving in 60hz refresh rate on 144hz monitor when having over 180fps. Its really hurting my eyes
Awesome now maybe I can turn my graphics back up but Rust still needs some more things other then events, weapons, and placeables,... We need more to do other then raiding and defending from raids. It would be nice if we could get some quests that take us somewhere on the map find and return an object or something, Lets say a player picks up a quest to go get "X" and another player accepts the same quest the two players need the same thing but can be found in more then one location. I know it's unlikely but I'm also still waiting for half floors and half foundations so I can make narrow catwalks, And this last one is an easy add> off set doors that fit the stairs better.
Im having the same problem
Hapis has puzzles and a bunch of other changes - they're missing from the devblog because I forgot :S
Good Work !
♥ Looks good.
Its perfect guys!! fps is more stable!!! and i have around 20fps extra now, so i can play with 95~ THANK YOU SO MUCH! best update ever!
so it seems the update helped a lot of people but for me it did the opposite unfortunately, before i had stable 90fps (fps limit) with drops to 70 min which werent even noticable, now just turning on the torch makes me go from 90 to 50, when the night comes its even worse(around 30fps), when somebody shoots at me it drops as well, its just unplayable for me since the update, i have win 10 64bit, i5 6600k OCed to 4.1ghz, 16gb 3000mhz ram, r9 390 8gb (i already updated driver, which didnt help), 240gb intel ssd with 40gb free space, i tried disabling all the setting and turning everything as low as it goes but nothing helps, any kind of help is appreciated
I would love some blackjack in the casino. For high class survivors. And please, raise the sheet metal door durability to 5 full satchels. Also is there hope for triangle hatches or will it stay in the concept limbo?
Hapis is dead dog Nobody plays that. The map is way to big for how little people play on it.
Tell me how solo players can farm military now its almost impossible ??? They med use grenades , rush ,have like aimbot this is stupid
After the last update did not increase the FPS and it went down ... My PC i7-3770 8GB Gt6302GB I know that the PC is not strong but on the barren it gives 60 + fps and right now with the laggas ... Sorry for my English I live there where they speak Russian =)
Get better, it's a survival game duh.
The increase in FPS from this update is amazing! Great work
i bet you play with a group. And i can farm mili but i need to use so much meds and some times die and go back
Thank you for adding better support for multi-threaded users! Us Ryzen people greatly appreciate this update!
Launch site is you next option for getting elites. Launch has Bradley patrolling, and pretty nasty Radiation, Military has some radiation, but the majority is the scientists. I find Launch to be pretty easy to loot if you know what you're doing.
Thank you so much for the performance update. This game NEEDED that for a long time. You made my week. Thanks.
Boohooo the struggle (jk)
The Performance Update didn't increase my fps at all....
AMD a10 9700 Radeon r7 integrated graphics 8gb ram 2t memory Asus a320m-k motherboard I can run rust 50 fps but The performance update did Nothing for me
Looks like you guys forgot to read this again... SMH https://unity3d.com/learn/tutorials/topics/performance-optimization/optimizing-garbage-collection-unity-games Please fix the leak is still there and Peter's finger is getting pruny... Don't tell me to buy more ram when this keeps leaking no matter how much ram is in the machine .
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