• The Performance Update
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I'd love to know how facepunch managed to make this game destroy some pretty decent systems. I have a GTX 1080, upgraded from a GTX 1060 3GB with an AMD Ryzen 7 Pro 2700 & 32GB ram. I wouldn't call it a mid or low end system by a long shot. Pretty safe in saying it's a high spec system. Anyways, I can't get the game to play with FPS more than 60. Sometimes for no reason it drops to around 10-15 fps for around 5 minutes or so & then jumps back up. I've never played a game that makes my system feel like i'm playing games on a 2004 laptop before. Then I came across this game & its just beggars belief how its so resource hungry for no apparent reason. I've played some top end games with graphics set on high & don't even make my system work. So why is this game so poor in performance?
This was a nice update. I went from 80-90 fps idle to 130. I7 4790k with a gtx 1080 and 32gb ram on an ssd.
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