• Hackers?
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Do they ever do anything about cheaters and hackers? There is one individual I have reported 5 times now for using Aimbot, ESP and possibly some form of map radar, he is still playing.
We dont, EAC does. If reports on facepunch are any indication, he only has a small amount of time left
if he doesn't get banned then it most likely means he's just better at the game
Some people found a way around the thing and a hacker once showed me how on an official server. He said you dont go full ham with your hacks and most of the time you should be good. Such a nice hacker he was. In the end he made a mistake maybe and got banned but not only after two weeks from getting reported, but also after he and his mates wiped us and other several groups while they were at it. The sad part is his teammates kept playing and he came back with another account right away. Those were fun times.
Yes hacking is a big problem it seems only on Officials and like servers where there is no active admin.  Hackers have adapted, and know that they can just hop on their other accounts once banned, and go on once again.  Loot is thrown to their teammates and they get to keep their base and loot they were given. EAC just can't keep up.
No, it wasn't the dying or outplaying. I've been outplayed, beat a mega shit ton in this game. There is just something off about this dude's everything, from his accuracy (with any weapon) to the fact that he always seemed to know exactly where someone was, even if you snuck and there was no possible way for him to see or hear you (like he was inside with vision blocked). The last encounter with this guy was the day before wipe. We ran into each other at water treatment and exchanged shots from a long ways out. I ran and hide in sewers because every one of his shots hit and he had better gun (he had semi rifle I had python). We never got close enough to actually see one another's name, like this was long range fight. Yet after I hid in sewers and then somewhere else I went back to my base after about 40-60 minutes. He was there hiding at it and knew exactly when/where I showed up (and my base was not the only one there). Also in another fight with bows, he was able to draw and shoot 3 arrows to my one, like he could shoot 2 arrows in the time it took me to draw, every shot was dead on. It might not be a hacker, but just something seemed off about every encounter with this guy. I even went online and google Rust cheats/hacks and went to some of the sites just to see if I was crazy and no shit they have map radar, all sorts of ESP stuff, Aimbot and even something that gives them warning when someone is aiming at them! There is also one that allows them to run faster, I run into that a lot, yesterday actually some dude ran me down with spear and kept swinging it and still gained on me. I've had them gain on me while shooting a bow, the draw not even slowing them down. Either way, I'm kind of sick of dealing with that stuff, I appreciate the responses, but I just don't find the game that fun with hackers and cheaters. Too bad, cuz it is badass game, but there needs to be a more active stance against cheaters.
Press F7 If you have your account linked to facepunch you will receive a notification if they are banned. EAC doesn't ban instantly, they usually do in waves. If you want a more proactive approach find a server that is moderated. Facepunch servers are generally unmoderated as it is very costly to have paid moderation on 24/7, and is very unreliable when it comes to volunteer moderation. Read the sticky next time.
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