• How i can get Unban on [EU] Facepunch Hapis?
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Alistair banned me because I asked him to ban Chinese players on Russian servers. There are a lot of cheaters. He simply ignored me, and then completely banned me. My friends are playing there. And I want to continue playing there. He did not indicate the reason for the ban. My account steam Steam Community Steam 64 id - 76561197989265200 https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/326772/09e59768-f456-4ca8-b136-18c9c90bc40b/image.png
Maybe if you apologize to him here (using @ with his name), that would be a good start.
Ahahaha, apologize about? I did not insult him, I asked him to help, politely, why would I apologize? For a ban without a reason?
I’m going take a guess here, betting that you probably went over the top with it. Possibly even spammed it through General
Sure, he don't answer. Near 20 message, per 5 second. But ask, not abuot it. I need know how to get unban here.
You won't get an unban unless the owner unbans you. So swallow your pride and try to apologize OR swallow your sadness and play on another server. Either way you'll have to swallow something :v Being rude about it at this point won't help you at all, threatening will just make it worse and shit talking the server or admin won't help the situation. Why am I saying this? I own a small server, I banned someone, he thinks he doesn't deserve it, but I'm pretty sure he did, so I blocked him, and by now he probably moved onto another server. However this is an official server, so it's even worse, they won't unban you out of pity, you need legitimate reasons and solid arguments. Hope I clarified some things
I find it funny. Stop flood gs.
Yeah you're not getting unbanned. Don't make another thread on this.
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