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I'm only allowed to play rust on the weekend and i get on with a notification that i received a game ban. I have never bought or used a free cheat or any 3rd party system to enhance my game play on rust and I would like to have someone view my account because I think I may have been falsely banned.
This is not a ban appeal site, you need to write to EAC for ban appeals on their page
how do i do that
Section Rules One of the four green worded threads that happen to be next to the New Thread button, yet somehow seem to always be overlooked by people trying to get a ban appealed.........
Honestly I think people that are really falsely banned don't overlook it, it's just that these people think the forums can help them more with public approval :v Which they won't get...
I have the same problem. I have over 3,000 hours in Rust and purchased a lot of skins on Steam. For some unknown reason I was game banned. I don't use any hacks of any kind. It must be a false positive or some something. I appealed the ban, but they just say that they have evidence. Ok if that is the case then prove it to me. Unless someone uses my account and they have proof they can show me, then I will never be satisfied. It is a bunch of non-sense that Steam even allows something like this. If they claim that someones cheats, then at least tell them the violation. It should never be allowed that they just say they have something without any evidence. Again, I don't hack and have no VAC bans or anything else on any of my Steam games.
Read the damn sticky
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