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Guy's Hello, i'm from russia ( sorry for my bad English languegue ). We found a major bug related to the flight to the floor and a half in the plant. Actually now I will skin you a video and there the guy will explain everything, I hope you somehow will bring this to your guys or developers through a report so that it would be fixed very quickly! Since the bug works on all servers and it's just hard! I will translate his words !!!!!!! "Now we will talk about a serious problem, after the update there was a hard bug! The developers made a mistake, and I want them to fix it. The essence of the bug is that you can fly anywhere and everywhere else! For the bug we need a house, the main thing is that the house would have a triangular foundation! Two triangles, we put in these triangles of a door, we put a ladder near this door. It turns out like this ... the main thing that would open the door exactly on the stairs. In appearance, it should look something like this. Climb up the stairs, get up in the butt in the corner. Open the door and immediately translate the view to another corner. It won't work out right away, but here I was able to do it the second time. Now you just press. In order not to fly anymore, just press the spacebar, press the spacebar again and you fly again. You can fly to a height of 110. This is about one and a half floors. After the kick, the bug does not work, you just fall and you need to try it all over again (((Then he shows you how it all works on a friend))" Good Bye american friend! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDYf-Jkex5k
Did you not bother to and see where this should be posted? This isn't even remotely close to the Rust section of the forums. Rust Help & Support
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/2304/a2e23a76-90c8-4410-b484-daa22f690a70/image.png It's not like these exist for any reason, just make your bug report anywhere you want on the forum.
wow rust is a shit game? this is breaking news to me
another bug from the developers ....
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