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Listen man, I know what you're going to say "don't cheat again" etc, and I know everyone else say this but I was actually false banned and I have been trying to get unbanned for 265 days now, I do not know why I was banned or why I did not get a response from EAC or why they will not respond to my emails but it doesn't seem to happen. I do not expect to get unbanned from this post because god knows it doesn't happen for the rest of them https://imgur.com/a/WrLuwC8 The last image I took before I got banned it shows no cheats, no hacks, nothing and it was taken on the 17-18th of January 2018, a possible way I could of gotten banned is because I was streaming on twitch and I used the application detector to get the gameplay onto obs which could be a possible trigger? But if I am not banned could I please at least get an answer to why I was banned because to this day I still do not know why I was banned or how. But I would really like to get back into rust because the new updates look really good, I was going to buy a new copy of the game but I just thought it was worth a shot to try and get unbanned. (Was there a false ban wave or was it just bad luck?)
We can't tell you why you were banned because no one here knows that. Absolutely no one. It's completely on EAC and you won't get any answers here.
Has it been an issue of false bans before? and is there a way to get it removed?
We wouldn't know. No one has anything to do with bans here.
Do people even bother to read the past threads that Facepunch forums nor its users don't have anything to do with EAC bans?
Of course not. They don't even read the sticky. They don't even look what subforums they're in and post in the wrong place.
False positives have happened in the past. Usually they are the result of non English system drivers(like the Korean version of a beta Nvidia driver, to stat an example from one of the earliest instances) not being on the white list. They do reverse false positives, but usually there is an announcement regarding that x amount of people were hit by false positive bans and that they will eventually be reversed. But seeing how there has yet to be an announcement and recent claims of false positives CONVENIENTLY coincidence with the bi monthly ban wave you can see why people are suspicious.
Read the damn sticky
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