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I have over 4000 hours in rust and there's 1 thing that hasn't changed at all, the chat system. I would like to see a change happen to this / overhaul. If there are different chat modes on the game it would be beneficial for everyone. I have a couple of ideas for the chat system. Global Chat This would work how the main chat has been working the whole time, this will be selected by default when loaded into the server. Team Chat With the fairly new iteration of the team system I think it would be nice to have a in game chat for team which can be changed to with a key-bind there will be a different colour when using this chat and will be only seen by people in the same team, a way to know if someone is messaging in this chat is to use a small notification by the team system in the bottom right with a little gold light just to let everyone know a new message has been sent and so it doesn't go unnoticed Direct Communication This will work like it does in DayZ with text only being able to be seen in a 40-50m radius this will allow for people who are next to each other type more privately and wont flood the chat if they're talking / helping the other player I hope this can make it into the game as it's a fairly easy feature to make for the game and will be very beneficial for everyone, P.S make a toggle key-bind for chat to be hidden / shown
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