• OMG RUST Is Becoming Unplayable
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Facepunch, how can you allow people to call other players racist names, sexist names ect, door camp, grief, humiliate and destroy other players and expect this game to survive? YOU CANNOT FARM IN THIS GAME! In all your official servers, farming is pointless. The clans are up in one day and robbing everyone. You get shot. Everyone wants to fight. There is no exploration or survival. It's always having to do battle even when you don't want to. It's getting annoying. A naked with a bow see's someone and desides to shoot. Why does everyone have to fight on this? It akes crafting or building anything extremely stressful. I cry sometimes. I even got sick. Now there is Ai Halloween bots everywhere. Are the developers paying attention? There is no trade or farming going on. Just domination and down right meanness. They rub it in your face and tell you to kill yourself. I have heard little kids crying in this game. You should be sued! If it's just going to be PvP then get rid of the stupid workbench system and put guns in barrels. There's almost all underage kids playing the game and allowing that is like passing pornographic material to kids. The adults all left. You just lost another player, and the server I was on just lost another 50 players in two hours. In two days the map is filled with decaying and abandoned bases. I want my money back. WE'RE DONE WITH THIS, NOT JUST ME, but many many other players that I have talked too. Have some control over these psychos and hackers. They're using ESP Aimbot. Too afraid to change things because you'll lose the only player base that you have now which are psychos? TOO BAD
Hi, I represent Facepunch Video Entertainment Inc. We're really sorry you didn't like our game, Rustâ„¢. Please post your bank card number, date of expiration and the three numbers on the back so we can refund you fully for your unsatisfactory gaming experience. - John, Support team
Hi, welcome to Facepunch, a forum that has been around since 2004, and certainly isn't just the Rust forum. Most of us don't play Rust or give a damn about it, so I recommend you take your thread to the Rust sub-forum https://forum.facepunch.com/rust
isnt rust that minecraft clone
yeah it was made by that guy who ripped off jbmod
Rust is an anarchism simulator
I have heard little kids crying in this game. It's an adult rated game for adults lol. Not our job to hunt own under aged players. That's the job of parents.
i heard he also made a forum that rips off something awful
Larry Oldman is such a cunt, I want to literally slap him
How do you people keep spilling out of the Rust section? It's like a poorly maintained containment zone.
Somebody call a septic plumber, there's been a leak.
it's always fun when a confused rust player wanders in because I love hearing their reactions to basic gameplay are crying and suing the devs
I think the best part is that this is literally how rust has been since day 0
i didn't even read this at first wow that's fucking amazing 50 players in two hours, at that rate the game's abandoned in a month or so @Garry #2 u gotta fix your shit man, if you keep just waiting around it'll start having negative players
arent there PVE servers?
I can hear one now, Dont play on Official servers, find a pve one where you dont get killed, or a creative one where you dont have to farm anything that way you wont bore the crap out of everyone within a thousand miles with any whining , You wont learn to play the game either.
I don't play Vanilla anymore, 2x is my go to now. Upkeep + components is too much, one or the other not both at the same time. The systems make clans even more hungry, i didn't mind the old system because at least if you joined half way through a wipe you wouldn't be hunted by the clans for resources since they would have enough horded away in their castles to just role play on their square of the map. Now days the clans need stone and metal all wipe everyday so killing new players/ small groups is beneficial rather than pointless.
Anna, find teammates and dominate or go to some PVE server. Rust the best survival game.
I enjoy playing rust but I too have had difficulty accepting that to play and build, you kill others and raid. I wouldn't do it in real life so I wouldn't in a game. I play games to sometimes escape reality and the way people treat others poorly so why would I become what I don't like? A lot of people will not understand you and will expect you to change. Do not. Stay true to yourself. If you wish to try out a respectful gaming community, you can find me at Rustropolis I hope you don't give up! This server is not like any other I have joined and if you join the discord you can have a say on what you like and what you dont like! Currently in monthly map cycles, bp wiping is forced every 2 months. Today is the day for a new map! It is a pvp server but you won't be raided and left with nothing. And if you are, you can be helped. As we are aware, children do play this game and as a server owner, it feels like a responsibility to make a decent place for kids and adults to interact respectfully. I hope to see you there.
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