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If anyone could link a FacePunch staff member to this post it would be much appreciated. A few wipes ago two of my friends were banned on EU Hapis whilst playing in a group which involved someone who has been banned - The person who cheated we didn't even know he was running hacks/cheats, not only that but he only joined the group on that day so I'd like to say he didn't cause much harm to the rest of the server but I'm sure he did cause a little... In which I am sorry about. My question is, can my two friends be unbanned from EU Hapis as we severally miss playing such a great server - Honest to god we never knew one of my friends were hacking/cheating and we wouldn't want to associate with one. Thanks and sorry.
I would like to say that this group knew they had a cheater because they bragged on server about it.So i dont think they should get unbanned.:)
Go cry to EAC, nothing you can do about it here.
EAC? It is server ban lol - retard
Excuse me who are you?Whos papa.Like i was saying you knew he was cheating
You totally sound like someone who should be unbanned, you're really kind.
You are so funny lol, yes obviously we knew he was cheating - thats why you was banned aswell xD
Regardless to what you are saying, nothing can be done for you here
I was one of the people who got banned and i do not miss a shitty server like EU Hapis it is full of roleplayers who just give you free gear and actually no competition, facepunch STOP ADDING NEW FUCKING CONTENT AND FIX YTOUR FUCKING SAHITTY ASS FUCKING GAME AND BAN ALL THE FUCKING HACKERS YOU RETARDES JESUS FUCKING CHRIST YOU WILL RUIN YOUR OWN GAME FUCKING LOSERS GO BACK TO SCHOOL
You shouldn't be playing any games.
Any monument puzzle doesnt work on Eu facepunch hapis.
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