• Could developers ban these servers?
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All these servers are all advertisements. They tell people to rent Servers from them and polluted the environment of the game.There are more than 50 servers the same names. Its so annoying. So, i hope developers  can take steps to stop it. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/326848/d6691911-3c64-4746-beef-0c8a85d0abfa/20181104224352_1.jpg
If they are successful then more servers will be running so whats the problem ? If you dont like them dont join them, there are over 4000 servers to play on ?
You shouldn't advertise in games. Rust's server list is not the place you post your Advertisement
How come your country of origin has changed from Japan (where you were banned from Rustified.com server) to the Netherlands ? The main thing that pollutes the game are players who get banned.
Sry, the gm of Rustified.com has unbaned me already.
Is there some kind of logic in this argument ?
I find it funny how the country of where you've posted changes every time you make a post. Trust me there has to be other servers than just those, besides they all only have 1 player slots...
Is the server list of Rust the place you post advertise? Can i post advertise in Rust server list? That's ruin my eyes.
So sad for you, 50 out of 4000+ servers are annoying to you ! so sad
Sad for you too, you cant judge legal or not
Oh great..here comes the Server Police again
You must be Jesus or something went from Netherlands to United States to Japan to China......Where next? 😂
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