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For context, I've already attempted to contact EAC multiple times and have been ignored. TLDR: I used a crosshair application for a few hours on my first Rust account. That one got banned, cool. I admit my wrongdoing. Bought a second one after factory resetting my PC, played for 600 hours, and was banned deadass out of nowhere at the end of a really successful wipe on West 2. I just want to know if there is literally anything I can do to play legit at this point; I've bought a third account since then but it got banned within 30 minutes of loading up the game so I assume I am IP and HWID banned. I really don't have the money to buy an entirely new PC. Again: I have tried to contact EAC multiple times. No response, over two weeks later.
READ THIS concerning EAC bans/VAC bans/Game bans/developer bans/.. EAC bans your hardware, because you cheated and now you don't get to play Rust. Take this as a lesson going forward. You can stop buying copies of Rust on that PC, they'll just get banned too. P.S. I am not a Rust dev or a moderator.
Do you know anything about the Rusty Moose policy? Apparently they allow people with 365 day old bans to play, this would apply to me correct?
If you are EAC banned, you can't play on any server that uses EAC protection. In other words, you can only play on servers that give you no protection against other hackers. As for this Rusty Moose place, the server's policy is probably to preemptively ban anyone who has a VAC ban or an EAC ban in some other game that is less than a year old. This is something that server community is doing by themselves, and plugins for modded servers that detect and ban people who've cheated in other games have been around for years and have settings for forgiving bans older than X amount of time.
So you are implying that the 365 day ban lift policy wouldn't apply to me then.
If the server you're on is EAC-secured, then no it would not. EAC bans are permanent and server owners cannot override the ban -- except by running their server in insecure mode, which allows anyone with an EAC ban to join because EAC is deactivated and hacking will not be punished. Also, because you admitted to cheating, EAC is not going to reverse your hardware ban. There's no point in talking to them, they're only going to tell you no. Good luck in other games and remember not to cheat next time.
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