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I had stopped playing rust for about 4 months, I started playing it again and 1 week after starting to play again, I wake up to being EAC banned for no reason, I didn't hack, I used those guitar macros but on the rust website they said its ok to use them, so I got really pissed and tried to talk to people and get unbanned but I couldn't, so 2 days after that I made a new account and bought it again, I got to put 21 hours into that account and then I got game banned, I spent $90 on rust and it was all stolen from me, you guys banned me for no reason both times and stole my $90, rust is my favorite game and I wish to play it again so please help. I know you guys don't do the EAC bans but I am trying to appeal the second account I bought, it was just a gameban and not EAC they are saying I have proof that I was in violation of section 3 part 5 of terms of service of rust, so I am really confused cause they won't tell me what I did, all I could have done is use the guitar scripts but I was told on the rust website I was allowed to use them, I am really upset about this and I really want to play rust again.... Am I not allowed to rebuy the game on another account? Because  I did and I got gamebanned within 2 days for no reason
It's ban evading.
nope. you hack once, your not allowed to play rust again. They flag your hardware you see. You'd pretty much have to buy a new PC to properly ban evade
so is there no way to get unbanned? I was banned for using guitar scripts.... On a forum post about this Screenshot it says this Screenshot so I used them and now I am banned, and then I re bought it and got banned 2 days after re buying it and I wasn't even using the scripts anymore
Bans are permanent and connected to your hardware ID. But like Biohazard said, we literally can't help you.
You prob weren't banned for the guitar scripts or whatever. I don't play Rust, I just like telling hackers like you to shove off. No, you were prob banned for ban evasion.
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