• HWID Banned my friend months ago
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My friend was banned a few months ago for being flagged by Easy Anti Cheat. He has never used a hack. He's tried to buy the game on other accounts, but it's clear his computer is flagged and anytime he tries to play he will be banned. This is his absolute favorite game, and he's kind of the glue of the friend group when it comes to Rust. He has only gotten copy pasted responses to his requests for someone to look into his ban. I can't believe that once you are banned from Rust you literally cannot play again. He isn't even guilty of cheating. This is truly like being convicted of a murder and being sentenced to life when you didn't even murder anyone. He is more than happy to pay for the game again, even in this situation. Is there anything he can possibly do?
I think you are exaggerating a little.
Maybe try reading the stickied thread about bans if you want answers
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