• Community Update 206
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Since this new update with balloons is here, I have a question about the security of the balloon. A couple of days ago me and friend went in a balloon and shot down the heli in it(don't know if we are the first ever to do it or not) It was a struggle to survive since the heli kept on being able to shoot through the net, and it would be nice if there was a little more protection to hide behind. And the rockets/napalm strikes that it shot kept being shot directly into the ground instead of hitting us for some reason. The most INSANE glitch/thing you can do with a balloon thats still on the ground is that you can stand inside the balloons upper part and hide inside it, you can shoot out and see everyone(like if it was a window) but nobody can see into it. PLS FIX.
I don't understand how people get into community update releases??? It's the fourth time I've tried and it's over. 4 films created cinematiс. Last specially all in English, useless.... Is this like a lottery or something? 
How to get into community update? I have game for android about Rust. And it is almost ready, release at the next week.
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