• Need Help Rebinding Right Click Auto Loot
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I have a very unique keybind setup for rust which I would like to avoid changing to remain consistent with other games that I use similar controls. The problem I have is that I use right click for jumping. This means that when I go to left click to auto loot I end up jumping while trying to use that function within Rust. Is there anyway to rebind the right click auto-loot function in console? If not, is there a way I can disable jump when autolooting? Ideally, the right click auto loot function should be able to be assigned to any key. If this isn't possible, it would make sense for the developers to tie the auto-loot right click function to whichever key has attack2 assigned to it. Any advice to correct this (without changing my main config) is appreciated.
I borrow your thread for asking about looting. Is there a way (macro, keybind or something) to loot crates in 1-2 secs? We got one suspicious group playing at our server (2hours when they started they were full geared with AK, bolts etc. Vanilla server). While spectating them we saw them loot military crates and elite crates in 2 secs. One time player looted elite crate in 2 secs and in that time he added muzzle brake in hes bolt. I tried to right click loot items from my own box and one right click took 1 -1.5sec...
Its really not hard to loot fast if you are a skilled player that is used to the game. You just have to watch some coconut B to know this
Most experienced player use the drag and drop method, I was introduced to this method playing PUBG and defiantly is faster
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