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Can u plz bring rust to the Xbox and if not why
When is rust coming to mobile. Kappa
how about Rust to my GUCCI DESIGNER Textured Stainless Steel InstaView Door-In-Door French Door Refrigerator?
Hey once again when can we get a rust pants update? I'd really like for there to be an option for pants and tops on characters instead of just pixelated screen for the censorship. I can't play with how it is right now, and I think there would be quite a few people who would play this game if you made the change I propose.
Its on the roadmap. ShadowFrax's last video pointed out there has been work on this lately. Not long now.
Hey guys i am just wondering if you guys know about the current issue on mac with it crashing. I used to main this game till about six months ago when it started crashing soon after loading in. I really hope you guys could some how fix this thank you! ps - i have a crash report...
Because, Xbox sucks.
Imagine this: Wood and Stone become easier to obtain, this allows you to build more easily and is more noob friendly Scrap is still hard to get (on a vanilla server) and since you don't have to spend as much time grinding for ore nodes and wood You now have the ability to spend more time getting components these changes would allow people to spend more time doing cool bases and going through multiple monuments which promotes more pvp and also, please make the dreaded ak harder to make, and the l96 a little bit less good, it is such a menace, i literally hear these and recognise i have no chance if i walk outside my base because I only have semi's, unless they don't find me (btw bushes are so good) It would be cool if few people in a group were able to get high level Weapons e.g. Guns || due to the expense of them This would promote more diverse combat situations, would likely improve gameplay and: Reduce the power of larger groups (gives smaller groups a better chance) promote tactical use of primitive guns e.g. Eoka (preferably something slightly better) Crossbow Bow Compound Bow poison or extra bleeding arrows gas grenades craftable smoke grenades (or bomb grenades that make smoke ) A more primitive bomb that is slightly better than a bean can (e.g. beancan on a stick, like how the Nazi's did it, great throwable design or a beancan on a spear) please add something like calptrops, temporary throwable traps please add an atlatl maybe a blowdart gun Add a gilli suit (gilli suit blowdarter is really silent in a bush with poison darts - sounds cool right) please implement shields; why do we not have shields? --- would work great with the electricity update (also add more traps, revolving doors anyones?) (low end shields absorb some damage --- high end expensive shields block most dmg)maybe make it wearable + could make it sit on the back of a character, to protect his back --- great for noobs when they are running away You could add a lvling system to allow people to run faster, slightly increase health, max carry weight, sight at nighttime, beard size (warmth bonus maybe), Reload speed, resource gather rate, Luck, strength (increase speed and/or effect of, pickaxes, hatchets, melee weapons, bows, pumping shotguns, fists), Stamina, swimming speed, Lung Capacity (make shallow pools and reduce untie duration | Blowdarts guns ) You could make bigger streams along the map with scattered food crops along it, allowing boats to go along it (craftable and/or non-craftable) , which can allow you to cross stream easily, run away via a stream, go to monuments via the stream... Currents, stream cave bases? make the rock a craftable and make hands really bad but able to get a rock quickly Please grant my Christmas Wishlist
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