• RustLightning[X2.5-PVP-TP-Kits] Wiped: Tue/20/11
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We have a number of cool plugins that are in the server here is a quick overview of the best ones: Remote Controlled Turrets. Security Cameras for your base. Backpacks. Dangerous treasures loot event with higher loot percentages on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Higher scrap rate. Enhanced hammer for easier upgrading of buildings. Player rankings with increased perks the longer you play on the server. RustNET Which allows you to control all your turrets and security cameras from one terminal inside your base. Reset all your code lock codes with one simple command and the ability to set a guest code. Ability to put images on signs with a command. Cars that spawn randomly on the map with a chance to receive a key that allows only you to drive it. Rewards when you vote for us at: https://rust-servers.net/server/146590/ NoDecay We have active admins and owners that try their best to come on the server when possible, it would be much appreciated if you could come check out the server as countless hours have gone into configuring it and setting it up. Absolute zero tolerance on admin abuse, if an an admin is found to be abusing they will instantly be demoted. We currently have a monthly wipe schedule but is due to be changed to every half month or even every two to three weeks. We are open to any improvements that can be made for the server so if you contact us via steam or Reddit we will try our best to add these improvements! You can connect to the server by pressing the F1 key and pasting this command into the console: client.connect or search for RustLightning 2.5x in the modded tab.
Is there a video for the remote controlled turrets? sounds pretty cool
Hi, yes there is you can find it here: https://youtu.be/e8vTzPtcRz8 Sorry for the long reply, thanks.
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